Organo Bentonite Clay For your paint and oil drilling mud

  Are you looking for suppliers  of organo bentonite clay to apply them to your paint coating as a thickener or anti settling agent?

If so, you will come to the right place. Camp Shinning are a manufacturer and supplier of organophilic bentonite clay.   there are many models for you to choose from, and the enterprise has obtained the ISO certification to ensure the product quality.

bentonite clay

Organo Bentonite Clay


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

Organo Bentonite Clay

 What is organo bentonite clay used for?

Organo bentonite clay  extracted from raw ore bentonite, bentonite is a natural clay mineral, that is to say, it is called organophilic clay.

because it has carried out the properties of organic compounds, making it have more chemical properties, and in many fields, it is widely used, and its performance is very unique.

One of the most common uses of organoclay is as an anti settling agent, or as a rheological agent, in paint coatings. It can play an effective thickening effect on products to achieve anti settling performance.

At the same time, its universality is also a major advantage. Compared with other thickening agents, this is one of the reasons why organo clay bentonite can be widely accepted and used in the paint and coating industry.

Therefore, in addition to being used as rheological additives, anti settling agents and primary deformation agents, organo clay rheology modifier bentonite is widely used as a suspending agent in oilfield drilling, which is also a major feature.

It can play a role in lubricating the drilling bit and cooling the bit, and effectively protect the borehole wall. Therefore, organophilic clay bentonite is a widely used drilling additive in the drilling mud of oily system.

In addition to the above description, organo bentonite clay, grease and ink are also very popular.

The next base oil is organoclay bentonite in the system of vegetable oil, mineral oil or diesel oil, which has corresponding specifications to use. Of course, when recommending different types of organo clay rheology modifier bentonite, we can also do something for you by choosing the most cost-effective product to test.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a rheology modifier, or a suspending agent, or an anti settling agent, or a organophilic clay, when you want to apply these chemical additives to paints, coatings, lubricant inks, or oilfield drilling, there is no doubt that the cp series of organoclays bentonite clay can meet all these needs. Please contact us now, and we will recommend the most cost-effective and popular models to you, Help you successfully complete your project.

Organo Bentonite Clay

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