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types of rheology modifiers

Our Rheology Modifier is a white powdery chemical additive that can be made into a colloid, achieving full dispersion under high shear conditions to realize its rheological properties, thixotropic properties, and suspension properties. By adding a certain amount of polar activators such as methanol, ethanol, or propylene carbonate, you can further promote its dispersion.

Organic rheology modifiers in paints CP-34

rheology modifiers CP-10

CP-APA Rheology Modifier

Rheology Modifier is also named rheology additives powder , rheological modifier, and clay rheology modifiers thickeners which have been used for waterborne paints, in cosmetics, in paints or solvent based etc. It also could use for grease & inks .

Camp Shinning has a long time of experience in the field of organoclay rheological additive.

In oilfield drilling fluid Rheology Modifier powder is also a widely recommended rheological additive.

So Whether you are looking for a water based system or solvent system rheology agent. Whether you want to apply it to your paint formula, grease formula or cosmetic formula, or even the organophilic clay  of  Camp Shinning in oil field drilling, it is worthy of your bold application.

CP-EW For Water Based Paitnts & Coatings

CP-WBS rheology modifiers for waterborne paints

CP-EWS rheological modifier

rheology modifier

Why Choose Us

As a leading well-known bentonite rheology modifier supplier and manufacturer in China. Camp Shinning also provides one-stop solutions for the research and development of organoclay bentonite powder in China.

This is due to the fact that Camp Shinning has a strong R & D team and the experience of cooperating with the top 5 well-known enterprises in the world over the years. They have greatly helped Camp Shinning improve clay rheology modifier quality and R & D ability.

With its own raw bentonite ore | Organophilic bentonite clay , Camp Shinning has made obvious advantages in fast delivery, and greatly increased the stability of bentonite quality at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to find a real Organophilic Clay supplier and manufacturer in China, please contact us now.

Your Leading Organic Rheology Modifier suppliers in China

Oilfield chemicals

Organophilic Clay Drilling Grade

Organophilic Clay

CP-150 is used for mineral oil in oil drilling mud.

CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-982 is used for Synthetic oil in drilling fluid.

CP-992 Organobentonite

CP-150 is used for diesel oil in drilling fluid.

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