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Gelling Agent Viscosifier , Camp Shinning has two types of organoclay bentonites, solvent based and water based, used in oilfield drilling, greases and inks.It has been widely used as viscosifier, gelling agent.

 We are specialized in the production, research, development, and sales of organic bentonite. We can provide professional formulation customization for each variety of organic bentonite.

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Gelling Agent Viscosifier

Gelling Agent Viscosifier | Organo clay

The use of a oil gelling agent in paint coatings is a kind of raw material commonly used by paint coating manufacturers. It plays a significant role in enhancing the rheological and thixotropic properties of the entire paint coating formula, which is why in the past 20 years, Camp Shinning has been recognized as a professional oil gelling agent manufacturer and supplier in China.

It is obvious that organic gelatin gelling agent bentonite, as an additive used to control viscosity and flow in paint coatings, plays an important role in the leveling, sagging resistance etc. of the paint, especially in the thixotropy.  It is particularly obvious that it reduces viscosity during shearing and mixing.


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

Gelling Agent Viscosifier | Organo bentonite clay

Gelling Agent Viscosifier is an organophilic clay bentonite in oil drilling fluids. It can effectively improve suspension performance and protect wall. and can be used in the mineral oil,diesel,synthetic oil.

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At present, organobentonite oil gelling agent viscosifier is mainly used in drilling, workover and completion fluids based on mineral oil and synthetic oil, as well as some special fluids, such as casing packs, packer fluids, lost circulation pills, and spotting fluids ,

That is to say, for drilling fluid with special viscosity requirements, our organic bentonite oil gelling agent viscosifier can play its due role.

At the same time, we provide drilling fluid with base oil as diesel to improve the suspension performance of the whole formula and effectively protect the wellbore.

Under the action of some high shear forces, our organo bentonite clay can appear better Scattered and complete effect presentation..

Our organic clay gelling agents bentonite can effectively improve the gel strength of organic synthetic mud, and its viscosity can improve the quality and filtration of the entire filter cake.

At some higher shear stress and temperature, it can obtain sufficient dispersion and hydration mixing.

That is to say, it can provide higher viscosity than other organic clays, but even such organic bentonite clay gelling agent viscosifier does not fully yield.So our suggestion is that before you carry out circulation in the well, you need to be more rigorous in the whole operation to avoid excessive treatment.

Its most obvious advantage is that organic bentonite gelatin  gelling agents can become a relatively ideal thickener.

In synthetic oil and mineral oil, of course, also in diesel oil, it can show effective suspension performance and thixotropy performance under the conditions of medium and low temperature of decreasing potential, especially when new liquid is mixed in this environment.

For example, effective mixing of new liquid in the mud field can increase its viscosity, improve the cleanliness and suspension of materials, and improve the quality of moon cakes and reduce the loss of liquid.

When you store our organic bentonite, we recommend that you put it in a dry and ventilated environment to keep the whole package closed and away from incompatible items.

It can be said that organic bentonite is a kind of gel system with viscosity provided by organic synthetic base oil.

It can effectively improve the bearing capacity and the strength of gel when sprayed with high performance dark treatment, and make the weight material suspend.

This is a white powder material.

It can also play a relatively stable role under high temperature.So we say it has high temperature and high pressure stability.

As a gelling agent and viscosifier, after being treated with organically modified bentonite oil gelling agents gelatin , it is mainly used as a detergent and tranquilizer for diesel engine drilling fluid.

Organophilic clay bentonite gelling agent viscosifier can also improve the bearing capacity and cutting efficiency.

We suggest to ask our sales or technical personnel clearly before using, and inform them of their specific needs and your application scenarios.

They will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective organic oil gelling agents model according to their experience and your actual application needs,

which will greatly shorten the time and energy to explore this matter, and also greatly help you save your procurement costs,

Please contact our sales department now, they won’t let you down. They will let you get more information about this product.

In terms of transportation, we generally recommend shipping, because the cost of shipping will be much cheaper than air transportation and road transportation.

Of course, in Russia, many of our customers choose railway transportation, and some choose road transportation.

Our company can provide you with the relevant highway transportation certificate and railway transportation safety certificate, which can help you run our products smoothly.

We particularly welcome users from Russia and the United Arab Emirates. 

At present, in the field of oilfield drilling, our main export regions are Russia and Abu Dhabi.At the same time, in the oil field drilling in Kuwait, the additive purchasers are also very fond of our organophilic clay bentonite gelatin gelling agent.

They have confirmed our products again and again through large quantities of procurement, and can play a relatively ideal role in the drilling of various base oils.Please contact us now.


Rheology modifiers oil gelling agent bentonite are essential additives in the formulation of paint.

Help you control the leveling rheology of paint and provide you with better thixotropic properties. Now make your right choice.

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Gelling Agent Viscosifier | Organo bentonite clay

Gelatin Gelling Agent Viscosifier,  It is worth your test and use. Please contact us now.   The thixotropic property, rheological property, anti settlement property and other requirements can be achieved by using 10 meters of organobentonite slurry, especially in oil field drilling to achieve good suspension performance. Here start to contact your gelling agent supplier and manufacturer.

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