Glass Blasting Beads | Glass beads | Glass Bead Blasting Media

Glass Blasting Beads

Glass Blasting Beads

Glass blasting beads, We offer various sizes of glass bead blasting. Solid glass block is also a good glass bead blasting media. Dust emissions are low and uniform in size, And the surface can be treated smoothly, which is the biggest advantage of glass beads. This environmentally friendly product that can clean and remove burrs on stainless steel and components does not contain silica.

 What Are Bead Blasting’s Applications?

Aerospace industry Remove rust and paint from
mechanical components to remove knife marks.
Remove scratches on the rubberReflective paint for roads
 Scratch treatment on the surface of stainless steel.
Foundry industry; Pre processing in the
electroplating industry.
Semiconductor IndustryCrafts for exterior decoration

Glass Blasting Beads | glass bead blasting

glass beads for blasting
glass microspheres
glass microspheres
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