Glass beads for paint | reflective glass beads for traffic paint

Glass beads for paint

Glass beads for paint

Glass microspheres have a powdery appearance. To enhance the clarity of road markings, especially in dark nighttime conditions outdoors, we incorporate glass microspheres into traffic paint. Glass microspheres inherently possess excellent reflectivity, producing a particularly pronounced retroreflective effect that significantly improves the clarity of road markings.

 What are the Applications of Glass beads for paint ?

Aerospace industry Remove rust and paint from
mechanical components to remove knife marks.
Remove scratches on the rubberReflective paint for roads
 Scratch treatment on the surface of stainless steel.
Foundry industry; Pre processing in the
electroplating industry.
Semiconductor IndustryCrafts for exterior decoration

Glass beads for paint

glass beads for blasting
glass microspheres
glass microspheres

 We sincerely welcome you to inquire about our glass microbeads and use them in water-based or solvent based paints.They have a reflective effect in the paint and coating, which has a significant impact on the traffic paint.

 This economically efficient and reusable glass microbead has played an important role in the industrial field, ensuring the safety of the entire society.

We are also willing to provide you with free samples for testing.

Application of glass beads for paint

  • Pavement marking
  • Road line marking
  • Safety markings


  • 25kgs PE bag+pallet
  • Ton bag+pallet


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