bentonite uses in oil industry

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bentonite uses in oil industry : Organic bentonite is a relatively high quality oil field drilling additive that has been found in oil field drilling. It is also widely used in coatings and greases.

A series of solvent based organic bentonite and water-based spray coatings that help people sell have been recognized by many well-known production enterprises in the world and have been purchased in large quantities.

As one of the leading organoclay bentonite producers, Camp Shinning uses high quality bentonite ore and advanced production techniques to produce organic bentonite clay with good thixotropic properties.  

bentonite uses in oil industry

Organophilic Clay bentonite uses in oil industry

Bentonite uses in oil industry : Camp Shinning is a manufacturer & supplier specializing in the production of organophilic clay bentonite for oilfield drilling. It has more than 20 years of experience in export. All production is carried out in strict accordance with ISO standards, and high quality raw ore is selected for use as raw material, ensuring the quality stability and performance integrity of all product batches.

Organophilic Clay

CP-150 is used for mineral oil in oil drilling mud.

CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-982 is used for Synthetic oil in drilling fluid.

CP-992 Organobentonite

CP-150 is used for diesel oil in drilling fluid.

Why Choose Us

As a leading well-known Organophilic Clay supplier, Camp Shinning also provides one-stop solutions for the research and development of organoclay bentonite in China. This is due to the fact that Camp Shinning has a strong R & D team and the experience of cooperating with the top 5 well-known enterprises in the world over the years. They have greatly helped Camp Shinning improve rheology modifier quality and R & D ability.

With its own raw bentonite ore | Organophilic bentonite clay , Camp Shinning has made obvious advantages in fast delivery, and greatly increased the stability of bentonite quality at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to find a real Organophilic Clay supplier and manufacturer in China, please contact us now.

Your organo clay bentonite uses in oil industry

Using organic bentonite uses in oil industry can effectively lubricate the bit, cool the bit at one time, and transport some iron wires to the ground.

This unique performance makes it an indispensable mud additive in the drilling fluid.

When bentonite uses in oil industry is added to the drilling fluid, its viscosity will increase, so that the drilling cuttings can be brought to the ground.

This is very important, because it can also protect the well wall and the risk of near drilling collapse.

Bentonite is also used as a weighting agent in the drilling fluid, It can increase the density of the fluid.

When you join the attack, it can increase the pressure only for profit or keep the formation fluid from flowing in. When it is used as a  Filter cake., it can also prevent the formation fluid from invading and prevent the loss of drilling fluid.

Although organic bentonite has a wide range of uses, how to use it or how much it is used, we all recommend customers to draw a conclusion through test and experiment。

because the product itself cannot evaluate its quality alone, more importantly, it is to determine whether it is suitable for your drilling fluid through the matching of organic clay bentonite and your whole formula.

Oilfield chemicals

Organophilic Clay Grease Grade

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

Organophilic Clay Paint Grade

Organoclay CP-34

Organophilic Clay CP-10

CP-APA Rheology Modifier

Let Us Find the Right Organobentonite Clay for Your Formulation

bentonite uses in oil industry
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