glass microspheres | hollow glass sphere in China

glass microspheres

glass microsphere

Hollow glass microspheres are popular because they have strong advantages, such as good dispersion, low density, light weight, and high compressive  

Applications of glass microballoons

Construction, Aerospace and military materials
Oil and gasPaints and coatings
(Retroreflective highway signs)
 PuttyMining explosives
Plastic products.Sealant.
transportationGrease lubricant
Artificial stoneFRP

micro glass beads | reflective glass beads

glass microspheres | glass microbeads

The density, strength, particle size distribution, functionality, cleanliness, and volume of glass microbeads directly impact their cost. The shape of the particles is also crucial. 

Essentially, glass microspheres are used to reduce product weight and enhance its mechanical strength.

Currently, glass microspheres find extensive applications in coatings and paints, especially in reflective paints and road markings. These applications are highly diverse. Micro glass beads are also needed in lubricants and oilfield drilling.

These inert hollow glass ball exhibit stable chemical and mechanical properties.

glass microspheres
glass microspheres
glass microspheres
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