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China’s high quality organoclays bentonite supplier can achieve your goal at Camp Shinning. The organic bentonite clay produced here is produced in strict accordance with ISO standards, with a full range of varieties and grades, and can meet the application in different industrial fields.For example, in lubricants, inks, paints, and oilfield drilling, there are corresponding organoclay bentonite models to meet your performance requirements.


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

organoclays bentonite

organoclays bentonite | Organophilic clay

 CP Organoclay bentonite, because of its good chemical properties and unique mineral structure, makes it have very excellent chemical and physical properties. Because of this outstanding performance, it can be widely used in various industries in industrial fields.

Organoclays bentonite is used in oil field drilling mud.

 When he was used to drill in oil fields,  Organo clay bentonite can be used as mud  thickener in serious mud, That is stabilizer, It can make drilling mud have better rheological properties and portability, So it can effectively lubricate the drilling bit prevents corrosion,

For guerrilla mud for offshore drilling in deep and ultra deep wells, using it to prepare excellent cement slurry and high    temperature anti epidemic. can greatly improve drilling speed and reduce accidents, especially its performance can be well reflected.

 Organobentonite is applied to paint ink.

 If you are a paint factory or an ink manufacturer, When you want to add Organoclays bentonite to your paint formulation or ink formulation, It can significantly improve the thixotropy of paint ink, Suspension and stability improve its storage stability increase the thickness of paint coating to prevent sagging sag .

Our newly developed organobentonite, Organobentonite products are also widely used in high–peed printing inks. Organobentonite products can make the ink have better thickener performance, clear handwriting and fast drying.

If you want to apply our organobentonite to your paints and inks, you can read our tdf carefully and get the information you want.

Organoclay bentonite is applied to lubricants.

Application of bentonite in lubricant.

General lubricants are not suitable for high temperature and long–erm continuous operation, Organic lubricant synthesized by oil and 20% to 30% Organoclay bentonite has excellent lubricity, heat resistance, fire resistance, drug resistance, oil film strength and high performance.

It is one of the high temperature and high load lubricating materials that must be used on satellite ground, aviation warships, tanks and large processing plants.

In addition to these applications, there is a saying that Organoclay bentonite are also widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry. Of course, in some cosmetics, Organoclay bentonite are used as a  suppension agent , mainly used as a thickener in cosmetics such as nail polish.

The  Organoclay bentonite  newly developed by Camp Shinning Company can be better used as a thickener,  suspending agent adsorbent, stabilizer, etc. It is widely used in daily chemical industry, paint, coating, textile printing and dyeing, medicine, and the heavier the drilling pressure in oilfield.

 The Organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning includes water based rheology modifier.

There are basic organophilic clay, also known as rheological additive, and the production of coating additive such as dispersion of various anti sinking agent.  leveling, dispersion,   suspension and other characteristics, it is also widely used in the field of sealing adhasive.

We uphold the principle of providing customers with the most valuable rheological additive. Please contact us and we will be willing to share all our experience and technology with you.

There are various additives used in oil field drilling in the market. We just produce organoclays bentonite. 

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We welcome your inquiries about our organoclays bentonite, whether your industry is oilfield drilling, paints, coatings, inks, greases, or cosmetics, please contact our sales department now and we will provide free samples for you to test. Pls contact us now.

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