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Anti sag is a chemical substance that is added to the coating layer or other surfaces, and its main goal is to prevent the deposition of coating pigments. The weakening caused by gravity is referred to as sag.

Using the anti sag system produced by Kangbaixin, it can effectively prevent sagging during the storage of lubricating grease or ink coating.

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anti sag agent

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anti sag agent | Thickening for grease,Inks

Anti sag agent is particularly effective for the application of intensive coating, because they will be more affected by gravity. anti sag agent can help to prolong the life of the coating during and after use to prevent the coating from falling off from the surface with protection.

Organoclay bentonite is usually used as the anti sag system of coatings, paints, inks, greases and oilfield drilling aids to prevent it from sagging.

As an anti sagging agent, cp series of organoclay bentonite effectively improves the anti sag property of the anti-gas spraying and brushing varnish, and keeps the whole working process active.

Powdery rheological additives are used in low polarity systems. We also have the ultimate high polarity, anti-settlement agent, which can enhance the stability of its storage time in solvent-based systems and make it refuse the anti-settlement performance.

Our conventional anti sag,anti-settling agent is also our cp series rheological additives, which can have unique properties in a wide range of applications, and the formula has suspension , stability and authenticity. It is convenient for application, and has the function of anti-sagging and scalding.

Organoclay bentonite thickeners with a wide range of rheological properties to improve the performance of paints, coatings, lubricants, inks and pigment concentrates.

We can adjust the formula according to the requirements of customers, and can also compare and test the models of competitors.

In the constantly improving technical field, Our organoclay bentonite rheology modifier has outstanding advantages in anti settlement and anti sag.

Our current market demand for anti sag agents is increasing, and these cooperative efforts have led to the opening of a new technical improvement.

The organo bentonite rheology modifier of common people can be used in coatings, greases, printing and other technical fields. The cp series of rheological additives provide effective oil tank control in normal temperature and thermal curing applications by using the associated thickener to improve the leveling and pigment suspension.

It can also be used as a thixotropic agent to modify the viscosity after shearing and refining. According to the degree of hydrophobic modification, A series of yield values and shear reactions can be achieved.

The variable additives can improve the rheology control and anti-settlement in the application of pigments.

The additives are particularly effective in the prevention and anti-settlement of the rheology of PVC plastic sol and aliphatic solvent and oil-based paint and ink.

At present, many people are faced with the puzzle of how to find high-quality anti-settling agent when looking at the results of procurement? Supplier manufacturer, then here, Kangbaixin’s organic bentonite is undoubtedly your best partner choice, because we have double advantages from price to quality. You are welcome to contact us now. We are willing to provide you with free samples for testing, and provide you with a series of technical guidance and application solutions.


anti sag agent | anti-settling agents

If you need anti-settling agent in your formula, especially the anti-settling agent made of organic bentonite, you are welcome to contact us immediately. We will provide you with a complete solution on anti-settling agent. This process will effectively help you reduce the purchase cost and achieve the stability of anti-settling agent in the formula.

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