Bentonite use in Drilling

Bentonite use in drilling is the most widely used in drilling fluid. When it is used in oilfield drilling, it can effectively lubricate and cool the bit, and prevent corrosion. Of course, when the drilling fluid is produced in the drilling hole, and the water pressure, it can prevent the penetration of fluid and gas.

We strongly recommend that you use cp series organic bentonite use in drilling to help you run more efficiently.


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Bentonite use in Drilling

Generally, the content of bentonite content for 60%~80%. Some of its special properties, such as its rheological property of thixotropy, anti settlement property, suspension property and Anti–low performance, play an important role in various industrial fields.

We choose high–rade and high grade raw ore to produce our organic bentonite, Make sure that the products delivered to you have good and stable chemical properties.


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

Bentonite use in Drilling

In addition to the bit that can be cooled and lubricated by spraying mentioned above, it can also prevent corrosion. It is one of the most common additives for drilling.

When spraying is used in drilling fluid, it can transport some salt crabs to the ground. At the same time, the thixotropy of spraying can also make the whole drilling mud play a relatively good chemical reaction.

Bentonite use in Drilling

Bentonite use in Drilling

As a leading manufacturer of organic bentonite drilling grade, Camp Shinning has been released to the oil and natural gas industry in the world.

Since 2005, we have been using advanced equipment and constantly refined Bentonite use in Drilling  organic clay bentonite formula to improve our product quality.

Cp series of Bentonite use in Drilling organiclay bentonite has achieved high stability under high temperature and high pressure.

As a clay basin organophilic clay with its unique chemical characteristics, it can absorb much more water than its weight.

Its role in drilling is that the water mixed with bentonite often covers the hole and prevents its collapse. We call this figure filter cake.

When you use organic bentonite to oil based mud, it can make thicker drilling fluid more effectively take some of the line out of the country, and more effectively discharge solids from the bottom of the pit.

So a simple reason organoclay. When it is added to drilling mud, it can make the formula mud more thick , and make the well are fixed. to a certain extent. These are very helpful for drilling.

Organic bentonite has just been added to form a special granular film on the well wall of the drilling Lijiang River, which can prevent collapse and ensure that the upward flow of drilling fluid will not flow into the adjacent formation of the bedroom, so as to reduce fluid loss on the sealed borehole wall.

Of course,  especially when drilling, according to the professional requirements, we recommend that the staff go through strict training. After receiving this training, we can help the drilling team to complete the project. Our organic bentonite plays a role in the chemical properties, and can also help you to better complete your project when drilling.

We have repeatedly emphasized that bentonite plays an important role as an important additive in drilling mud, as a lubricant and proppant in the construction of underground tunnels such as horizontal directional drilling and pipe jacking. Drilling mud is also known as drilling mud, mud mix and slurry.

The most obvious feature of oil based mud is that it has solid particles suspended in oil.It is essentially different from water based mud, so our organic bentonite is only used in oil based mud.

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