CP-180 Organoclay

CP-180 Organoclay

CP-180 organoclay is an organo clay rheological additive (modified montmorillonite) designed specifically for use in solvent-based systems such as organic inks with intermediate and low polarity ranges.

What is OrganoClay used for?

CP-180 Organoclay


Composition                            Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                         Fine powder, white

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)           29%-32%

Bulk density                         0.53g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)              ≥98%


Exerts gelling efficiency over a wide range of intermediate and low polarity Easy dispersing The gel is colorless and of high clarity Produces reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range Imparts particle suspension, sag resistance without impairing flow and leveling, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers

CP-180 is utilized for the following applications: lubricant and drilling mud

The use of CP-180 disperses under high shear and necessitates the use of a polar activator (30%-40%) for maximum efficiency.

It is not necessary to use heat to achieve good dispersion.

Typically, addition levels range between 0.2 and 2.0 percent.

It is necessary to use a polar activator (95 percent Ethanol or 95 percent Methanol).

Normally, the addition level of polar activator is recommended to be 30-40% of the weight of CP-180.


The Material Safety Data Sheets contain all safety information.


Kraft paper bags with PE liners, multi-wall paper sacks, and customized paper sacks are available. 

25kg per bag, 22.68kg per bag, or customized

Storage CP-180 has a two-year shelf life and should be kept in a ventilated, cool, and dry place.


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CP-180 Organoclay

CP-180 Organoclay
CP-180 Organoclay
CP-180 Organoclay