Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer

Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer  : As a major manufacturer and supplier of drilling chemicals in China, we provide high quality organic clay bentonite chemicals for the drilling and oilfield fields to meet users’ pursuit of thickening and suspension performance during drilling.

Our solutions aim to help our user minimize their procurement costs and maximize the improvement of chemical effects .

To a certain extent, our organic bentonite, as one of the main raw materials for drilling chemicals, can greatly improve the pursuit of rheological and suspension properties for the entire formula during the drilling process.

 We have advanced laboratory equipment and production facilities, as well as a team of top-notch engineers to strictly control the needs of our organic bentonite composite drilling oil fields.

Please feel free to contact us and we will obtain the drilling chemicals you need here. Kangbaixin is a manufacturer of drilling chemicals worth your cooperation with.


Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer

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Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer

Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer in China | Organophilic clay

Drilling chemicals manufacturer: When you choose drilling chemicals, you must look for many manufacturers and suppliers to make a comparison. The most important thing is that the manufacturers of drilling chemicals should have the price to provide high-quality quality advantages, good after-sales service and better technical support, and the most important thing is that they should have good trust in the market, which is a very important link. 

Camp Shinning is a manufacturer and supplier of organo clay bentonite for drilling chemicals.

Drilling Chemicals Manufacturer in China | Organophilic clay

Drilling chemicals manufacturer

When helping you add chemicals to oil field drilling, use the correct chemicals, such as organophilic clay bentonite, as a thickener in oil field drilling, which determines the key to the success of the whole project.

These organoclay bentonite as chemicals not only help lubricate and cool the bit, but also help stabilize experience. Therefore, choose a reliable and lucky manufacturer of drilling chemicals, In particular, it is any drilling company that chooses the right organo clay bentonite supplier. Key steps to project success.

When selecting the correct organo bentonite clay for use in drilling fluid, you need to consider some factors when selecting a reliable drilling fluid manufacturer.

The following are some key factors you need to consider when selecting a drilling fluid manufacturer,

1),  First of all, product quality.When you choose the right organo bentonite to apply to your drilling fluid, it is the quality of the organoclays bentonite that will determine the success of your entire drilling operation.


This will have a huge impact, so it is the key to your success to find a manufacturer with a good record in producing high-quality and effective products that meet industry standards.

Drilling chemicals manufacturer

2), The second is whether he has technical support and can drill in the oilfield.
Drilling may be a complex technical project.

It is important to obtain technical support with rich knowledge and quick response from your drilling fluid manufacturer, because organo bentonite plays a role of suspension, thickening and cooling the bit to lubricate the drill head in the whole drilling fluid.

When an organo clay bentonite manufacturer can provide you with a relatively wide range of inventory, such as a detailed description of technology and some application guidance.

it will help you to select the correct model and apply it to your formula to produce a positive effect, which can save you a lot of time, so technical support is also crucial.

Drilling chemicals manufacturer

3), Safety factors. As we all know, when organic bentonite is provided in the drilling fluid formula, it is the most important safety factor.

Looking for a manufacturer can bring you some strict safety and provide you with some product safety assurance. This is what you need to meet when strictly implementing the production standard.

So the organophilic clay bentonite of Camp Shinning has safety performance, He can be transported as a safe cargo on the way, because we have. The appraisal certificate of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry proves that our products can be safely transported.

Drilling chemicals manufacturer

4), Price factor.When we judge whether the organic bentonite rheology modifier provided by a drilling fluid manufacturer has a price advantage, it also means whether we can win in the competition, so price is an important factor we must consider.

Therefore, we re emphasize that price, quality, product quality and safety factors, as well as technical support, are the key factors when we consider a high-quality drilling fluid formula manufacturer and organic bentonite to attract investment.

Drilling chemicals manufacturer

5), Reputation, we want to say whether a company has good reputation in the market? Whether the manufacturer has many years of experience is also a good sign of its service quality when providing organophilic clay bentonite, which means whether the manufacturer has provided customers with good and comfortable after-sales service in a long history.

6), The last step is to make a comparison among several similar companies. Once you have identified several potential manufacturers, you’d better compare them to determine which one is more suitable for you.

So we suggest you create a table, such as its history, its credit, its price, its product safety, its after-sales service, its product quality, Its technical support and so on are all factors that you have to consider, as for when you want to choose a product with basic recognition as your purchase product.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will share with you our experience of more than 20 years. In this field, we are exposed to too many specific needs of applications. We can try our best to meet you and help you complete your project.

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