drilling fluid additives 2024

drilling fluid additives

Oilfield drilling chemicals are additives for oilfield drilling. The oil-based mud additives we mainly provide include gelling agents.

It is a thickening rheological agent, which is used as a suspending agent and should be mixed with oilfield drilling fluids. We also provide lubricants, organic lignite, emulsifiers and other products for oilfield drilling.

They play an important role in mud fluids in oily systems. At the same time, these chemical additives of ours have good drilling fluid additives: compatibility in oily systems. They also play an important role in fracturing fluids. We can also customize chemical additives for our users to completely match your formula.

At the same time, we also provide free samples for our users to test, and we can provide corresponding technical guidance during use.

drilling fluid additives
hollow glass microspheres

drilling fluid additives

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