Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay

Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay It is also called suspension agent, thickener rheology agent and anti-settlement agent. It is widely used in oil based mud as an additive for drilling mud.

Camp Shinning is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay in the industry.

Its products include organo bentonite clay used in oil fields, organic bentonite used in paint coatings, organo rheological clay bentonite used in lubricating grease and rheology modifier bentonite used in printing ink, etc. Buy our Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay immediately to prepare for your next project. Organophilic clay bentonite is taken from a relatively high purity of raw bentonite ore.

The main raw materials of the product include many different types, including easily dispersed organic bentonite clay and pre gel type organo bentonite clay, etc. We also provide customers with customized formtch the specially made organo clay bentonite.

Drilling Mud Bentonite Supplier & Manufacturer in China

CP – 982 is a kind of Chinese drilling mud bentonite organic clay. It is mainly designed to be used in the mud drilling of oil based. As a rheological additive, CP 992 is used in the formulation of mineral oil, and CP- 982 is used in the system of diesel oil. Our products will improve the stability of the emulsion and temperature of the drilling mud system.

CP series organophilic bentonite clay is used to improve the yield point and gel strength of oil drilling mud, It will not significantly affect the plastic viscosity.


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

Drilling Mud Bentonite Organophilic Clay

The color of drilling mud bentonite organoclay is light white. It is a white powder additive used in oil field drilling. Its Specific gravity (bulk density) is @20”C (0.75-0.9) gm/cm3.the water content is within 5%.

The particle size value of 80~90%  passing a 75 micron, and the packaging form is mainly 25 kg per bag. There are also 50lb packages of composite paper bags. We can also customize the packaging according to customer requirements.

We recommend that you put the organic bentonite in some dry and ventilated cool areas, and keep our organic coating packaging intact, not in wet places, and preferably on the tray.

Drilling Mud Bentonite

Drilling Mud Bentonite Organophilic Clay

drilling mud bentonite organophilic clay can increase the viscosity of the formula of the entire oil system and improve the cleaning ability of well spots, because when organic clay bentonite is added to the formula, it can effectively add the rock at the bottom of the well to the outside of the well, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the suspended abbility, gel effect and filter cake quality.

Therefore, we should increase the viscosity, providing support for weight materials and improving cuttings removal of organic bentonite improve the removal of battle lines.It provides great help for the formation of  filtercake formation and the improvement of filtration ability.

Drilling mud bentonite organophilic clay,If you want to get more information or quotation in this field, you can email us at any time. Our sales department will reply in the shortest time. We not only provide technical support, but also provide free samples for you to test. If you need other help, you can also contact our technical department. We are willing to make the greatest help and effort for your project.

We need to emphasize again that the organic bentonite used in the oil–ased mud system and the organic bentonite used in the mineral oil system are two completely different models, so when you ask us the price, please tell us whether your base oil is diesel or mineral oil or synthetic oil? Our products will directly give different recommendations for the viscosity you need to improve, the strength of gel and the resulting suspension performance.

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