gelling thickener

Gelling thickener ,It is called thickening agent, also called gelling agent. It can improve the suspension performance and auxiliary state of the whole formula year to keep the object in a uniform and stable state, and form a good gel. Most thickening agents have emulsifying effect at the same time.

gelling thickener Inorganic thickening agent is a kind of gel with good water absorption and expansibility, which can form variable performance. It is mainly produced by bentonite as a raw material.

gelling thickener

gelling thickener

gelling thickener

Our thickener is mainly a powdery object with a white appearance.In many cases, it is also called an anti settling agent or a rheological additive.

In the field of coatings and inks, gelling thickener organic bentonite is commonly used.It mainly utilizes the layered structure of montmorillonite in bentonite, as well as its ability to dissolve and disperse into colloids in water or organic solvents. Its lunar characteristics are produced by inserting organic covering agents through ion exchange technology.

gelling thickener Organo clay bentonite can form relatively good gel in various kinds of oil liquid resins and gelling thickener organic solvents, and its good thickening, suspension stability, high temperature stability, lubricity, film-forming, water resistance, and chemical stability are the reasons why it plays an important role in the paint and ink industry.

At the same time, there are basic diagrams that can be applied to petroleum, metallurgy, aviation, paint, ink, chemical fiber, lubricants, etc., which are also widely used in industry.

In industries such as real stone paint, latex paint, pesticide additives, and water-based paint, water-based cooking diagrams are also used.

Waterborne inorganic gel is another name for it. It is applicable to the dispute of water-based system. The control of river ice in Quanfu has a grayish white appearance with strong denaturation, very soft texture, and a wide range of applications of PH value.

When using it, we still recommend you to use the method taught by pre gel to configure it, because the configuration and gel concentration are determined by the mixing speed of the dispersion equipment and the viscosity required by the product. Generally, we recommend using about 2%~10%.

Weigh a certain amount of organic bentonite, and slowly add it into the water at 25~30 ℃ when mixing.

Because slowly adding can avoid caking products, adjust the rotating speed to 1200 rpm after communication, mix and disperse for 20~30 minutes, so that the products can be fully dispersed to form a uniform gel agent, and then place it for 8~24 hours, wait until the gel plays a thickening role, and use it after it is stabilized.

If you need a higher viscosity, So I suggest you increase the use of organic bentonite appropriately. The final positioning inside will be based on your testing standards.

Our packaging and storage method is 25 kilograms per bag. The outer packaging is wrapped in kraft paper bags or polyethylene woven bags, and the inner packaging is double layered with polyethylene film bags.

We can customize the bags according to customer requirements. We also recommend that you place our organic bentonite in a ventilated and dry place, with a temperature of 0-30 ℃ being the best.

In the process of pre gel preparation, you should first mix the water at a uniform speed, then place them for 8 to 24 hours, disperse them at a high speed for 5 to 8 minutes, and finally put the pre gel into the system in proportion. We hope you can draw a conclusion about the viscosity demand through practice.

The rheological additives of the organic bentonite series serve as excellent earthquake resistant investment techniques, and do not require high shear force when added. Alternatively, you can add some improvisation plays. This new rheological additive can be directly applied to games, making it very easy to process and reducing processing time, saving energy and raw materials. Compared to friend commemorative pictures, they are more economical.

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