Inorganic Thickener Bentonite

Inorganic Thickener clay

Inorganic Thickener is a inorganic rheology modifiers. Thickener is an important component, especially in the production of lubricating esters.

In addition to the organic form of thickening rheological agents, which are solvent based thickening agent, we also provide inorganic thickeners, which are anti settling agent for water based paints and grease.

The main function is to retain the base oil within its structure and distribute it in the lubricating grease to lubricate the components in contact. At the same time, thickeners are also an important factor in oil recovery, and can maintain consistency and stability during the duration of contact.

Therefore, selecting a suitable base oil thickener plays an important role in the basic performance of lubricating grease, such as its water resistance, sedimentation resistance, corrosion resistance, and temperature stability.

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Inorganic Thickener
Inorganic Thickener

Inorganic Thickener clay | Inorganic rheology modifiers

Water Based Organoclay

CP-EWS Organoclay

CP-EWS Modified bentonite It is employed in a water-borne coatings system. CP-EWS organoclay outperforms CP-EW in terms of thixotropy, transparence, and dispersion.

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CP-180 Organoclay
CP-180 Organoclay
CP-180 Organoclay

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