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Matting-agent :  This is a paint flattening agent with a particularly strong matting ability, especially in paint coatings. 

Our matting agent powder is extremely easy to disperse, and it has undergone some special processing after surface organic treatment, making it suitable for application in some glass paints, decorative coatings, as well as PU coatings and PE coatings.

Advantages of Matting Agent.

1, Outstanding extinction efficiency.Because the particle size distribution is within the range that can achieve excellent efficiency.

2,Easy to disperse.Usually, complete dispersion can be achieved by controlling the temperature below 50 degrees Celsius within 10-15 minutes.

3,Good transparency can prevent the occurrence of foggy phenomena in hydrogen gas.

4,The hand feels fine and smooth.

5,It has good dust resistance, making it difficult to store during the process.


CAS. No.:   112945-52-5

EINECS No.: 231-545-4

Matting powder is mainly used to reduce the surface gloss of paint coatings, but it does not affect its chemical and mechanical properties. Usually, matting powder is an additive that has undergone special surface treatment or organic treatment.

 This type of matting agent, mainly made of silica as the main raw material, is mainly used to reduce surface gloss in paints, coatings, ink waxes, and other areas.

Our related machine is a multifunctional chemical additive that sometimes becomes an adsorbent and can be easily used in refinancing systems and water-based systems, fully achieving high matching and truly meeting relevant requirements. It can effectively control the surface gloss and enrich the consistent performance of the entire formula, such as in some high-quality systems.

So its high-quality dispersibility, scratch resistance, and scratch resistance are all the advantages of the first generation of Little Rooster.

Matting and Flatting Agents

In solvent based coatings or water-based coatings, the relevant knowledge ultimately leads to a relatively high compatibility of the entire formnti settling performance significant.

When you use a matting agent, it can provide lower viscosity and better mixing ability, which fully reduces the glossiness of the product in the formula. This includes good performance in some coatings, varnishes, inks, and paints, with stable dispersion and excellent anti settling ability. Matting and Flatting Agents also reduces manufacturing costs and performs well in water-based coatings.

This surface treated silica raw material based matting agent has a medium particle size of 7.5 acres, achieving smooth surface finish in terms of grinding performance and excellent tactile properties.

Its transparency is excellent, including in water-based and solvent based systems, especially in some wood coatings, plastics, and car ticket coatings. Its effectiveness is very significant.

When you use a matting agent, you don’t need a very high shear force to achieve a relatively good matting effect.

When your formula needs to reduce glossiness, choosing our matting agent is a wise choice.

If you need your formula to have good transparency and reduce its glossiness, then we recommend that our MT6601 and 6301 both achieve these characteristics very well.

Matting agent is suitable wide range applications

  • Matting agents can be used in water-based coatings,
  • Matting agents can be used in wood coatings,
  • Matting agents can be used in leather, surface treatment agents, 
  • Matting agents can be used in ink,
  • Matting agent  can be used in water glove coatings.
  • Matting agents can be used in textile coatings,
  • Matting agentscan be used in plastic coatings, 

When choosing relevant words, the most important thing is to pay attention to the content of the relevant substance silicon dioxide. Usually, we recommend a content of 98-99% silicon dioxide, which has a relatively stable quality.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the oil absorption capacity of the relevant substances, and we usually recommend a range between 300 and 350 as a good choice.

Welcome to consult our instructor. We will recommend corresponding models for different application fields. We believe that our Matting agent can bring you greater economic benefits.

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