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Camp Shinning provides oilfield obm viscosifier, which are designed to help you improve the lubricity and suspension of your oilfield drilling fluid formulations and effectively protect well walls.  Below we provide you with three types of obm viscosifier | Organophilic clay, which are the most stable organoclay bentonite products with the highest sales volume in the world among the products exported from Camp Shinning.

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 The following three obm viscosifier | Organophilic clay models are mainly used in different baseoil systems as oilfield additives. They are widely used in diesel, mineral oil and synthetic oil. They have a large export volume in Russia, North America and the Middle East.

obm viscosifier


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

obm viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite

We will discuss the applications and advatage of obm viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite in oilfield drilling. It is generally a rheological modifier of petroleum based mud, used for lubricating oil or hydraulic oil.

As an organo bentonite additive, it can be used as the obm viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite of odm in oilfield drilling. It is packaged in 25kg bags and 50lb bags. We usually customize the packaging according to customer requirements.In order to maximize the performance of the motor, we recommend customers to store organic bentonite in a dry environment with good ventilation.

OBM Viscosifier , It is a more interesting rheological additive and drilling fluid agent  . It can effectively improve the quality of filter cake and reduce the filtration rate of fluid.

Currently, we have three types of  OBM viscosifier  used in oil based systems, which are used for different base oils, such as mineral oil and synthetic oil. We have specific models to use and recommend.

When this kind of organoclay bentonite is used as a rheology modifier, it can effectively play a high temperature stability, under the condition of high temperature and pressure ,He can always maintain good stability. Usually, it is used by users in combination with the lug glue to improve the lubrication effect, and play an extreme role in the rheological properties of the drilling fluid.

Organophilic clay bentonite oilfield thickener can effectively control the filtration of ht HPHT within a certain range of temperature.

Our organophilic clay bentonite oil field  viscosifier  enhancer has good hydrophilicity and enhances the rheological properties of lotion.

What we need to remind is that if there is no oil field drilling fluid containing organic clay, it will have lower plastic viscosity and higher es value.At this time, good permeability can be perfectly displayed and enhanced, well, its storage protection performance is improved.

At present, in the world, organoclays bentonite is used as oil field drilling grade tackifier. Although there are many competitors, the sales volume of cp series organic bentonite has always been very good. The result is due to the dual advantages of high quality price and quality.

What can improve the rheological properties of the reverse emulsion is our CP-250A, which is a kind of powdery rheological modifier and an effective organic bentonite powder and oil field additive.

Due to the increasing demand for organophilic clay bentonite tackifier in the field of paint and coating, oilfield drilling and printing ink, the organic bentonite exported by China is very trusted and welcomed by global users.

Therefore, if you want to improve your quality, we always recommend you to use our organic bentonite as your tackifier. This method is used to enhance the lubricity, fluid loss and shear stability of oil-based drilling fluid, which will make you gain a lot.

Therefore, when you need to show good lubricity and better permeability of your oil-based mud formula, or even have better suspension performance, choose our obm viscosifier | Organophilic clay, which will have higher stability and reduce formation damage.

If you want to be right, you can read our organophilic clay CP-2 or CP-180, which are widely purchased in the diesel system. If your base oil is mineral oil, we recommend our CP-992, which is widely recognized in the market.

obm viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite