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Organo clays :We mainly provide high quality organo clays bentonite to be used in your oil field drilling. Of course, if your demand is in the production of ink, grease and paint, we also have corresponding organoclay bentonite models for you to use. We have more than 20 years of experience in these application fields.

Organo clays

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CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

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CP-180 Organoclay
CP-180 Organoclay

Organo clays


Composition                            Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                         Fine powder, white

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)           29%-32%

Bulk density                         0.53g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)              ≥98%


Easily disperses in less time with less shear High performance viscosifier for low aromatic, all mineral oil, and synthetic base fluids Cost-effectively builds viscosity and yield point Aids control of fluid loss to formation Increases emulsion stability Suspends weighting materials and other solids Confers stability at 108Pa and 230°C


Base oil: diesel oils, crude oils, mineral oils, synthetic oil, alpha olefins, low BTEX base oil Drilling with viscosity Fluids: oil-based drilling fluids, invert emulsion fluids, workover fluids, casing packs, packer fluids, and spotting fluids


Kraft paper bags with PE liners, multi-wall paper sacks, and customized paper sacks are available. 
25kg per bag, 22.68kg per bag, or customized



At present, the organophilic clay bentonite resources in our country are mainly calcium based bentonite, which also has rich storage.

Due to the difference in the performance of calcium based bentonite and sodium based bentonite in terms of their acceptance of ions, there will be some differences in performance.

Calcium based bentonite is far inferior to those pots in terms of water absorption, performance, thixotropy of pulping, etc, The calcium base bentonite raw ore can hardly meet the requirements of bentonite for drilling fluid.

After modification and processing, some natural nano bentonite raw ores can meet the spraying requirements for drilling fluid, but in order to meet higher performance requirements, such as outstanding performance in terms of appearance performance and swelling property and water absorption in terms of slurry making rate, the name will be changed to He.

Adding inorganic organic synergists is the most commonly used processing method for bentonite used in drilling fluid in China, The type of synergist, the amount of synergist and the modification equipment all decide the final. Performance.

 At present, The organo clays bentonite produced by Camp Shinning Company is mainly modified by this method and semi dry method in terms of shape modification.

After more than 20 years of market validation, Camp Shinning’s  CP series of organophilic clay bentonite, due to its excellent performance, has been widely used in the field of drilling mud. These sprays are mainly used for drilling fluid of organic system.

At present, we continue to increase scientific research investment, constantly improve the quality of our products, and actively cooperate with our end users to meet the requirements of various organic systems for bentonite.

Over the years, The outstanding performance of suspension performance is also a major performance contribution of our organo clay bentonite in drilling fluid.

In the drilling fluid, organo clays bentonite is one of the main raw materials used by us. It can be effectively enhanced after being improved according to its original ore properties. Of course, the rheological and thixotropic properties in the drilling fluid,

as well as the suspension properties, are also the biggest advantages. Drilling mud is recognized as the blood of oilfield drilling, which can clean the bottom of the well and carry rock cuttings during drilling.

At the same time, it can cool and lubricate the bit and sponsor the sealing and stabilizing of wellbore to balance the formation pressure, suspend rock cuttings and weighting agent,

which is a very important contribution to the drilling function. With the development of the global petroleum industry, the demand for drilling fluid used in organo clay from China is growing.

At present, we mainly export to the North American market, Canada, the United States, Mexico, and other South American countries, and Russia, Our export volume has been at important location.

Among all the organo clays  bentonites exported, the end users have the largest demand for drilling fluids that are used as base oils in diesel oil systems. Therefore, our cp series of organophilic clay bentonites have excellent performance in diesel oil systems, mineral oil systems or synthetic oil based systems.

We can provide corresponding rheology modifier organo clays bentonites according to different mailing systems of customers, To meet your dual advantages of maximizing price and quality.

If you want to purchase organic bentonite from us and use it in drilling oil fields, please first tell us whether your base oil is diesel mineral oil or synthetic oil, and tell us which brand you used?

This will help us to recommend more directly to you, such as quality models. Of course, in a certain sense, we suggest you to test several of our organophilic clay bentonite models at the same time, and select the model with the most price advantage to apply to your project.

In addition to meeting your quality needs, it is also one of our goals to help you achieve the maximum competitive advantage in price. Please contact us now, We will be your best partner.

Please contact us now to share our experience and achievements with you, so that your oilfield drilling project can be developed rapidly and stably.

Organo clays

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