organophilic clay suppliers | Organoclay in China

organophilic clay suppliers : Camp Shinning is a professional manufacturer and supplier of organophilic clay | organoclay in China. It is also known as modified bentonite organic clay. Organobentonite is an organically modified clay mineral. At the same time, organophilic clay is also applied as a viscosifier for drilling fluids. Organoclay can be used as filter media in processes involving wastewater treatment.

By utilizing the hydrophobicity of organo bentonite clay surfaces, it can remove oil from water, which is also the biggest characteristic of organo clay rheology modifier. Of course, it is also very common as a Suspension agent in drilling fluids. Therefore, whether it is oil field drilling or wastewater treatment, as a filtering medium, it is a relatively widespread and common application.

As a leading global producer and supplier of organic bentonite clay, Camp Shinning, We have an important position in both China and the world, and we can provide various packaging sizes to meet your shipping needs. Please contact us in a timely manner to help people obtain the samples and product information you want. 

organophilic clay suppliers | Organoclay in China

organophilic clay suppliers
organophilic clay suppliers

organophilic clay suppliers | Organophilic Bentonite clay


CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-992 Organobentonite

organophilic clay suppliers | Organophilic Bentonite clay

The main goal of Chinese organic clay suppliers is to provide solutions for various industries with organic bentonite.As an organic modification with good compatibility with organic liquids and polymers, bentonite mainly undergoes excellent chemical reactions after cation modification.

In the process of use, it is used as a rheological additive or a thixotropic agent in industries such as coatings, oils, drilling fluids, wastewater treatment, and plastic cosmetics, with an extremely wide range of applications.

In order to better serve users around the world, Compaq Star, as a leading global supplier, has made outstanding contributions in the field of organic bentonite. All newly produced organic bentonite from Compaq is strictly produced according to ISO standards. Our brand is the CP series, with the main goal of providing high-quality light organic clay for coatings, ink oil drilling fluids, and polymer applications.

Our organic bentonite, as a rheological additive and suspending agent, maintains the suspension of pigments in the production of inks and lubricating coatings to avoid their  

Settling.At present, our products have been exported in large quantities to North America, Europe, and Asia, and the sales volume in oilfield drilling fluids is currently the largest among all applications.

.At present, there are also some well-known organic bentonite suppliers in Italy and other places. However, compared to Chinese suppliers, Chinese organic bentonite suppliers have a more advantageous price. At the same time, after more than 20 years of market testing, it has been fully proven that Chinese organic bentonite can achieve stable and efficient quality.

 At the same time, we provide a special technical service at Carnation, which is to customize organic bentonite that matches the large formula according to specific application and performance requirements. Through ion exchange reactions, their chemical properties can be controlled well, and they enjoy better flowability, hydrophobic stability,  So Kangmin is a professional supplier of complete organic bentonite solutions for the market.

At present, the global demand for the application of organobentonite is still expanding and growing. Organic clay suppliers will continue to promote and improve their technology to provide customers with higher quality organic bentonite solutions, making organo clay bentonite an excellent additive in various application fields.

If you want to find a high-quality supplier of organophilic clay bentonite in China and achieve continuous improvement in product quality. Contact Camp Shinning ,it’s your wise choice.

With a large number of users, especially with high-end oilfield drilling users around the world, it has been proven that Camp Shinning’s organoclays  bentonite is warmly welcomed by the market. You are welcome to contact us, whether through email or phone, or I am looking forward to your cooperation.

Organophilic clay suppliers &  Manufacturers in China.


organophilic clay suppliers | Organophilic Bentonite clay

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