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reflective beads

reflective beads

Reflective beads glass microbeads are mainly used in coatings for highways and road signs. They play a reflective role, and our packaging format is 50 pounds per package or 25 kilograms per package.


What Are reflective beads’s Applications?

 Road paintAirport runway
Roadside warning signs.Reflective beads for traffic paint 

reflective beads | Glass Bead for Road Paint

reflective beads | Hi-Visibility Glass Beads

glass beads for blasting
glass microspheres
glass microspheres


 We provide you with glass microspheres with high visibility for use in oil-based and water-based coatings. We can accept a minimum weight of 500 kilograms from you.

Our delivery time is 7-10 working days after receiving the deposit, as we have a large amount of inventory to prepare for you for timely shipping arrangements.

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