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Rheology Modifiers | Organoclay

Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers | Organo clay Rheological additive


We use bentonite as the basis to produce organic bentonite for coatings, thickening rheological agents for  BENTONITE lubricating grease for drilling and oil fields, and organoclay for lubricating grease, which are both problematic.

We use high-quality bentonite resources as raw materials, use advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and perfect production processes, and have accumulated a lot of experience in the research, development, production, and sales of various high-end organic bentonite. Especially in the application field, we have accumulated a lot of practical experience, especially in the fields of coatings, lubricants, petroleum drilling, cosmetics, adhesives, and other applications.’

Waterborne organic bentonite, thickening rheological agent, also known as inorganic gel, is an improved thickening rheological agent of natural bentonite.

The highly purified and modified montmorillonite clay has a yellow, white or grayish white appearance, which is non-toxic and tasteless. The texture is very soft powder, and the main component is high-purity modified montmorillonite of hydrogen water.

Waterborne organic bentonite has excellent swelling properties. Colloidal dispersion, suspension, thickening, and thixotropy are excellent anti settling agents, latex stabilizers, and rheological additives for water-based systems.

They also have particularly excellent adsorption capacity, ion exchange ability, and connected properties. In some application fields, they have gradually become excellent new substitute materials for additives.

Adding 1 water-based bentonite is used as an additive in water-based coatings. When used, it is mainly used in real stone paint and thick paste coatings. It is widely used in some latex paints, textured coatings, colorful coatings, and industrial paints.

Water based bentonite can also be applied to dry powder additives, such as in mortar or putty, as well as in lightweight plastering gypsum.

When used as an additive in daily chemical products, water-based Rheology Modifiers can be applied in toothpaste volcanic mud film.

We also apply water-based Rheology Modifiers to pesticide fertilizers, which has a high demand.

Our water-based bentonite is used as a high-quality thickener in real stone paint and some thick paste coatings. It can provide strong thickening and promoting effects in water. As a white and flowable powder, it has a moisture content of 10%, with a pH value of about 8-10, and a pass rate of 99% on 200 acres. Our viscosity is approximately between 10000 and 13000.

The advantages of water-based bentonite organoclay are manifested in the following aspects.

In the early stage, the water-based system of organic bentonite had water resistance due to various types of cellulose.

The water retention and funeral performance are particularly outstanding. Compared with similar educational products, it can significantly improve the construction performance of real stone paint.

When Rheology Modifiers at 37, it can significantly improve the smoothness of construction and reduce flying sand and falling sand.

It is very easy to dissolve in water and does not clump together.

The viscosity of water-based bentonite is very stable and not easily degraded.

 Waterborne organic bentonite is very helpful for the Sagging and use of thick slurry coatings, and can prevent oil tanks.That is to say, its anti sagging performance is particularly good.

We recommend obtaining results through extensive testing for the usual usage of water-based Rheology Modifiers, with a recommended addition amount between 0.1% and 0.5%.

The packaging for water-based spray coating is kraft paper bags, which are double layered with polyethylene film bags. The weight is usually 25 kilograms.

According to the requirements, we will also provide corresponding packaging according to customer needs. We suggest that you store it in an environment between 0-30 ℃, with a shelf life of 24 months. A dry and cool storage environment is a necessary storage environment requirement for water-based organic bentonite.

Regarding the usage method of water-based Rheology Modifiers, the surface has undergone a special process treatment, which is very easy to disperse in water and does not cause clumping.

When using, please slowly add organic bentonite to the water, stir slowly, and complete dispersion can be achieved in about 5 minutes. After complete dispersion, add pH regulator, which is easy to quickly thicken.

Add 10 products one by one, If other additives are present in the submerged water, it may also affect the speed and effectiveness of the fan. You can also achieve 2-3% operational delivery in advance, which will enhance the effectiveness of use.

In summary, different models of water-based Rheology Modifiers can be used in various environments, such as as as a single or mortar product for boundary removal and filling. When using, you can also take an appropriate amount of it and mix it evenly with other ingredients during cooking.

Here we provide a method of use, which is called domain gel method. It is recommended to configure gel with a concentration of 10~15%.

Please take an appropriate amount of water-based bentonite first, and slowly add water-based Rheology Modifiers to warm water under the condition of low-speed mixing. We recommend that the temperature of this warm water be between 25 ℃ and 35 ℃, so as to avoid caking.

After the hardness increases, adjust the speed to 1500~2000 rpm, The best time is between 15 and 30 minutes. The product is fully hydrated and dispersed to form a uniform gel, and then it is left for 8~24 hours before use.

It is very critical, that is, grinding dispersion or high-speed shearing, 14 degree grinding, mixing to qualified before directly adding to lotion.

The above pre gel teaching methods are believed to be of specific help to you, especially for those with scattered and special requirements during your use.

 We will give additional details on the use of water-based spraying in cosmetics, such as facial mask, volcanic mud and other fields, as well as in water-based Rheology Modifiers systems with high purity requirements.

This is the most caring soil, touch screen and thickener, which can deceive oneself, as well as anti settling agents, antioxidant suspensions, and fillers. I hope it will be helpful for your body.

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