Slurry Thickener Bentonite

Slurry Thickener Bentonite,This is a powder pack with a light yellow appearance. The chemical is mainly used in drilling fluids for oilfield drilling. It is mainly used to prepare drilling fluids for complex formations such as shale gas oil, deep-sea deep wells, and ultra deep wells.

Firstly, we strongly recommend our organophilic clay bentonite CP 2, CP 250 A, CP 992, for use in your drilling fluid

organophilic clay bentonite


Slurry Thickener Bentonite

Different base oils require different types of organic bentonite clay to be used.

We suggest adding a small amount of water when configuring all oil-based drilling fluids, but the total amount should not exceed 0.1%~0.5%, as this water addition can enhance the activity of Slurry Thickener organic clay bentonite and achieve better dispersion effect.

If you equip enough shear force when adding organic bentonite to drilling fluid, it can also give the drilling fluid sufficient dispersion ability to achieve the desired viscosity value.

The organic bentonite clay CP 2E is required to be less than 3.5% in terms of water control. Its biggest product feature is to maintain a relatively high gel capacity in the diesel oil system, while having a relatively strong high temperature resistance and high suspension capacity.

So if your base oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil, we would like to recommend Slurry Thickener CP992 and CP250 to your colleagues. They currently exhibit strong high-temperature and high-pressure stability in mineral oil systems, and have excellent performance in controlling filtration loss.

Slurry Thickener Bentonite

In terms of our current global sales volume, CP992 has the highest sales volume in mineral oil and diesel.

However, under high temperature and high pressure conditions, if you have special requirements for this, CP250a can undoubtedly meet your requirements for high temperature and high pressure stability.

Under normal conditions of 220 ℃, it can effectively exert its suspension performance and protect the wellbore.

If you need an organiclay bentonite model with high gel strength and high yield value, then cp992 and 250a are good choices, because they can show extremely strong filtration reducing ability in mineral oil and synthetic oil systems.

When preparing oil-in-water drilling fluid, it is organo clay, and the amount added is generally between 25 kilograms and 40 kilograms per cubic meter. You can draw a conclusion on the final required amount after testing.

We hope that before requesting samples from us, you can first tell us whether your base oil is mineral oil, diesel or synthetic oil, or some sensory vegetable oil, We need to make these base oils in order to recommend different types of organoclays bentonite models to you, because these different bases require different concentrations, such as slightly lower concentrations in diesel.

We summarize the role of several charts in drilling fluids. Firstly, they can provide and improve the overall winning rate of mud, stabilize the stability of the river, control the predicted amount, and enhance its suspension ability to clean the wellbore and protect the wellbore wall, bringing some along the route out of the country.

The fineness of Slurry Thickener organobentonite is generally controlled at a rate of over 95%, while we generally control it at around 98%.

In addition to the use of rheology modifier bentonite in oil-based mud, which we mainly emphasize here, it can also be applied to lubricants, cosmetics, paints, coatings, inks, and other fields.

We also refer to Slurry Thickener rheological additive bentonite as a true thickener and stabilizer in mud, which enables the entire Li River to have good rheological and carrying properties.

For some oil-based mud applications or ultra deep wells, as well as some offshore drilling, bentonite undoubtedly provides the ability to increase viscosity and shear resistance.

By preparing high-quality oil-in-water mud and high-temperature resistant release agents, it can greatly improve drilling efficiency, And reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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