sorbitan oleate

Sorbitan oleate and Sorbitan monooleate are belong to same products.It is a very common emulsifier, appearing as an amber or brown viscous oily liquid,  Soluble in isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, ethanol, vegetable oil, etc., insoluble in water, propylene glycol, etc.,sorbitan oleate 
is a high-grade lipophilic emulsifier.

sorbitan oleate | Sorbitan monooleate

Polysorbate 60 Used in the Food Industry

sorbitan oleate | Sorbitan monooleate

Sorbitan oleate : His self funded public welfare uses oleic acid and dehydrated sorbitol as raw materials, which are produced through esterification reactions.

Normally, the proportion of fatty acids is between 73 and 77.

Polyols range from 28 to 32.

The saponification value ranges from 145 to 160.

The Hydroxyl value is between 193 to 210.

HLB value 4.3

The moisture content is generally less than or equal to 1.5.

Sorbitan oleate,  This is its chemical name.


Sorbitan oleate is a non-ionic water in oil. Sorbitan monooleate is very suitable for use as a co emulsifier in lotion or other lotion, and also suitable for use in some formulas containing vegetable oil. Its recommended usage is between 0.1% and 5%.

We recommend that you obtain sorbitan oleate
through testing. The final need is a test page.

 The standard packaging format is 200 kilograms per barrel, and there are also 1000 kilograms per barrel. We respect and accept customized requirements from customers.

At the same time, during storage or transportation, we recommend that you place sorbitan oleate 
indoors at room temperature, especially in a dry and cool place, to avoid sunlight exposure. Its warranty period is one year, and if you store it in a cool place, it is recommended.

According to different subdivisions, we divide sorbitan oleate 
into the following terms for sorbitan esters  : sorbitan monolaurate, sorbitan monopalmitate, sorbitan monostearate, sorbitan tristearate, sorbitan monooleate, sorbitan trioleate.  

Sorbitan monooleate has different application fields, and now we will describe in detail that it has a wide range of characteristics in its different applications.

Firstly, Sorbitan monooleate can be used in deep or relatively light bolt and plant products synthesized from animal and vegetable oils. It is not suitable for some difficult to saponify or products containing inorganic acids, which we do not recommend using.

Secondly, its application has been widely applied in many important fields, such as some mechanical industries, such as oil field drilling, and the use of Sorbitan monooleate in this kind of admirable mud.

In some cosmetics, Sorbitan monooleate serves as an emulsifier and is an indispensable raw material in this cosmetic formula. Sorbitan monooleate is also widely used in food, as well as in coatings, chemical oils, and water emulsion explosives, He has all played the role of an emulsifier, which can smooth and lubricate.

So they are also different in some industrial applications, for example, he 80 is a polyoxyethylene, and sorbitol anhydride fatty acid ester mainly appears as an amber liquid. Sorbitan monooleate can be produced in the food industry such as beverages, ice cream, bread, pastries, malt extract, margarine, chocolate, etc., and used as an emulsifier, while sorbitol monooleate is a dehydrated sorbitol, Alcoholic fatty acid esters have a similar amber liquid appearance, while dehydrated sorbitol monooleate can be used as an emulsifier in the food industry such as sauces, jams, chocolate, butter, and plant protein products.

So when you’re not sure what dehydrated 30 oranges are, they have actually played an important role in various industries, especially in the food industry where they are heavily used as emulsifiers. In the industrial field, we have also extensively used them in oil drilling mud, coatings, paints, cosmetics, and other industries. Therefore, they are chemical additives worth using and testing.

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