Viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite

Viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite,In the solvent based system, the addition of organic bentonite clay can avoid the formation of pigments, slow down sedimentation and sedimentation, and have a very obvious effect on anti sagging.


Viscosifier | Organoclay Bentonite

In the asphalt system, the addition of organo bentonite Viscosifier can provide better rheological properties, improve the high-temperature and low-temperature resistance of asphalt, so it can achieve stable performance in both high temperature and high pressure, as well as low temperature and low pressure.

In the epoxy system, the addition of organiclay bentonite can also prevent pigment layering and the precipitation of powder pigment fillers.

In the acrylic system, the addition of organo clay bentonite can control the cracking of the paint film and achieve the effect of thick coating.

At present, this type of organophilic clay bentonite has an extremely wide range of applications, involving its use in the automotive topcoat industry, furniture topcoat coatings, and some wood anti-corrosion fields, such as adhesives, lubricants, joint fillers, film release agents, paint release agents, bottom sealant polishing machines, etc.

It is also used in printing ink and some DIY paints, as well as some anti-corrosion coatings, asphalt coatings, and coil coatings, Organic bentonite clay is extensively used in atomic gray putty and road marking paint primer thick coating systems.

In the process of using organic bentonite, we introduce three methods of use.

The first is the pre gel method.This kind of financing is 84~90 points with a clay boiling pen, and the organic rheology modifier bentonite is polar solvent between 8~10 points. We recommend using 95% methanol or 95% ethanol. According to the recommended gel preparation concentration, the organic modified bentonite is slowly added to the formula solvent under the condition of low-speed mixing, and the rotating speed is gradually increased to 1500~2000 rpm.

The mixing time per minute is about 10 minutes. When the Viscosifier organoclay is fully understood, polar activator is added, Continue. Without stirring for 5 minutes, the montmorillonite flakes can be fully peeled off.

To make a relaxable low viscosity pre gel or an overestimated content pre gel, 1%~2% of the surfactant can be added to make the mixing even, so that the viscosity with the gel will be reduced.

The second method is grinding dispersion.

Add volume and figures in the production equipment, stir them first, make them mixed. Slowly add organic suspending agent bentonite, and stir them at high speed. Add polar activator for 3~5 minutes, stir for 3~5 minutes, and then add various pigment and filler additives, so that they can be mixed more evenly during the grinding process. Add other digital auxiliary solvents for adjustment after the fineness is qualified

Direct dispersion can also be carried out, which means adding organic bentonite directly to the production equipment and formula. Generally, after adding resin and solvent to the production equipment, we first stir them to make them fully mixed, then slowly add organic bentonite viscosifier, stir at high speed for 10 minutes, and then add auxiliary pigment fillers in order, disperse at high speed until the fineness is qualified, then add digital auxiliary solvent, and then make adjustments.

We suggest using polar activators and adding them separately. When using 95% methanol, you can add organic bentonite with a specific gravity of 30-40%.

If you use polar activators of 95% ethanol, you can add polar activators of 40-50% by weight of organic soil. We also recommend 95% propylene carbonate, which is generally added between 30-40% by weight of organic soil.

We suggest that you verify the specific amount of polar activator added through experiments, as different formulas have different requirements.

We suggest that you use organo clay viscosifier in paints, inks, lubricants, and oilfield drilling cosmetics. Consider using different types of organoclay viscosifier bentonite in different addition methods.

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