Viscosifiers used in drilling mud

We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of thickening and rheological additives in the oil and natural gas industry. Our thickening and rheological additives are mainly used in oilfield drilling, horizontal drilling, and geothermal applications.

As we all know, organophilic clay bentonite viscosifiers used in drilling mud is an indispensable and crucial additive in drilling fluids. Its primary function is to improve the suspension of drilling fluids, provide lubrication for the drill bit, exhibit stability under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

Therefore, our Viscosifiers used in drilling mud can be used under high temperature and high pressure conditions, effectively removing cuttings from the drilling platform to maintain cleanliness. This means our organophilic clays  bentonite plays an environmentally friendly role in oilfield drilling mud.

It helps control fluid loss, increase viscosity, maintain stability under high temperature and pressure, and improve the quality of filter cakes.

viscosifiers used in drilling mud
viscosifiers used in drilling mud

Viscosifiers used in drilling mud

When using our organic bentonite clay as your viscosifier, the main goal is to increase the viscosity of oil-based drilling fluids and control their rheological properties to enhance borehole cleaning ability and solid suspension capacity.

Improving the carrying capacity and borehole cleanliness of drilling fluids contributes to stable emulsion and controlled filtration loss, significantly boosting drilling efficiency. Rheology modifiers enhance the flow properties of suspensions under varying shear rates and temperatures, providing good suspension capacity and rheological control in drilling fluids for improved performance.

Organic bentonite also increases its yield point, maintaining stability and balance across temperatures. By enhancing low-shear yield points to minimize settling and sagging risks, Viscosifiers used in drilling mud complements filtration control and enhances emulsion stability.

We recommend pre-treating with surfactants before use to better disperse organophilic clays bentonite for optimal performance. Its lubricating effect on drill rods and bits aids in improving lubrication during challenging formations, making it ideal for horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, mining, and tunneling applications.

Viscosifiers used in drilling mud, a water-soluble white powdered drilling oilfield additive with a pH between 6-8, strengthens and maintains boreholes, prevents clay swelling, and enhances drilling solid stability. It improves shale stability, cleans rock cuttings, and lubricates drill bits and tools, suitable for viscosity-clear water and low-solid drilling fluids. Packaging options include 25kg or 50lb bags, adjustable based on customer needs.

This easily dispersible drilling fluid additive is also suitable for fracturing fluids, known as an oil-based mud thickener for controlling rheological properties in oil-based and synthetic muds as a gelling and viscosifying agent to enhance fluid suspension and carrying capacity in drilling, coring, workover, and completion fluids. Besides thickening and viscosifying, organo clay bentonite excels in carrying cuttings, reducing fluid loss, and maintaining stability at high temperatures.

Different grades cater to high-temperature, high-viscosity, low-cost drilling fluids. Contact us for effective rheology modifiers and viscosifiers when producing oil-based or synthetic muds, as our products are tailored for such applications.

Pre-treated organoclay bentonite enhances viscosity, controls rheology, and significantly improves drilling efficiency by providing quick output and timely load-bearing capacity, leading to substantial cost savings.

At present, the biggest role of organoclays bentonite in drilling fluids is to increase viscosity, improve suspension properties, and ensure high productivity of the entire drilling mud. It also provides good stability to the rig.

In drilling mud, that is, adding various chemicals to the drilling fluid, it is very important to maintain good matching and stability, so when we add organiclay bentonite slurry to the drilling mud, it can be cooled and lubricate drill bits and drilling tools. That is to say, it is used as a coolant in the drilling mud, so that the heat of the drill bit during friction with the rock formation can be dissipated.

At the same time, some cuttings and debris are sent outside the well to keep the well clean at all times. Thickening rheological agents also prevent well wall collapse and tilt, ensuring well integrity.

We have repeatedly emphasized that organobentonite Viscosifiers used in drilling mud can efficiently match other chemicals in drilling mud, so this will directly affect the viscosity, yield point and gel strength of the mud.

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