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Easier dispersing organoclay : Choosing an easily dispersible organic bentonite clay will make your application process much more convenient. Organoclay can be directly added with dry powder to achieve your pursuit of organic bentonite performance.

This easily dispersible organiclay bentonite usually shows perfect thixotropic and rheological properties when added into the formula.

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easier dispersing organoclay supplier in china

easier dispersing organoclay
easier dispersing organoclay

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In one case, there are several pots of dispersive clay that have excellent performance in both solvent based and water-based systems.

Generally, our organic bentonite can be divided into two types. Organic bentonite is relatively easy to disperse, and it can be directly added with dry powder.

In the other case, it needs to do pre gel to achieve its goal of better dispersion of organic bentonite, We also recommend that you use polar activators to help disperse organic bentonite.

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CP-EDS organoclay for grease

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