organoclay applications in China

organoclay applications : Camp Shinning is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers that will bring the organoclay application to the extreme. We have developed in southern China for more than 20 years.

At first, we mainly sold organic clay bentonite. With the improvement of professionalism, we also have an organo clay bentonite base integrating production,  research and development and sales.

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organoclay applications

organophilic clay bentonite
organophilic clay bentonite

organoclay supplier offer competitive price

 At the beginning, we have a huge customer system. In the process of continuously improving the ORGANOCLAY quality, our R&D department has played a great role.

They continue to develop new fields, and at the same time, they continue to improve the product quality and reduce production costs for existing products, helping our customers reduce their procurement costs when purchasing.

In this way, we can gain the dual advantages of quality and price in the market.

Of course, expanding the scope of ORGANOCLAY applications is one of our directions to improve efficiency.

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

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