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Organoclay bentonite : As a quality based organoclay bentonite supplier, Camp Shinning produces and sells high quality organophilic clay , which is why our customers will buy back our organo clay bentonite . Our organic bentonite clay series includes water based organic bentonite and solvent based organoclay bentonite , and we can arrange delivery to you in the shortest time.

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organoclay bentonite | Organo bentonite Manufacturer in China

organoclay bentonite
organoclay bentonite

organoclay bentonite with widely application

We have prepared a variety of organoclay bentonite models for the field of oil field drilling, paint coating and ink grease. Our organic clay bentonite has been used successfully in oil field drilling. Because of our rich market experience and R&D experience, many oil field development service companies choose us as their source of organic organo bentonite clay.

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

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