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Organoclay for Grease : We strongly recommend that you use organo clay bentonite in lubricating grease. It can actively improve the thickening performance and anti settling property of lubricating oil.

At the same time, its rheological property is also very outstanding. If you have a desire for suspension and thixotropy, Camp Shinning can bring you unexpected results on organoclays in the formulation of lubricating grease.

Organoclay for Grease

Organoclay for Grease Supplier in China

Organoclay for grease is a type of clay that has been modified with organic molecules, which allows it to be used as a rheology modifier in lubricating grease. There are several advantages to using organoclay in grease formulations:

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Organoclay for Grease Manufacturer in China

Organoclay for Grease
Organoclay for Grease

Today we will mainly talk about the application of organoclay bentonite in lubricating grease. What advantages will it bring to you?

As we all know, organic clay is a kind of clay modified by organic molecular bentonite,  This makes it used as a rheological rheology modifier in lubricating grease, and the use of organic clay, that is, rheological additive, in lubricating grease formulation. It has several very obvious advantages, which we will illustrate one by one.

Organoclay for Grease advantages

1, First of all, organo clay can effectively improve the stability of thickened rheological agent, because the more effective thickener in the organic bentonite grease formula can maintain good stability within a wide temperature range, which enables it to provide stable grease performance during the service life of the grease.

2, In terms of water resistance, organophilic clay bentonite shows better water resistance in grease. When he asked grease about its exposure to water or high humidity applications, it may be a problem, but it helps to extend the service life of grease and improve its performance.

3, Enhance the bearing capacity of lubrication. When organoclays  is applied to lubricating grease, its bearing capacity can be significantly improved, so that it can effectively protect the objects it uses under heavy load, such as bearings and other parts.

4, The application of organic bentonite in lubricating grease is to improve the shear stability, which is very important for the application of lubricating grease to withstand high shear stress, and will help to improve the service life and performance of lubricating grease.

5, It can improve the compatibility with other additives.

In the whole formula, that is to say, when you add organo clay bentonite to the grease formula, it can effectively make other additives more compatible with the whole formula, such as antioxidants, polar additives and anti-corrosion agents.

This is one of the attractive options for configuring multi-functional grease.

In conclusion, the use of organic clay in grease formulation can bring you a series of unexpected benefits.

I don’t know. Organoclay bentonite has played a positive role in enhancing the stability of its real worry and thickener, improving its water resistance, enhancing its bearing capacity, enhancing its shear stability and compatibility with additives in other formulas.

As for organo clay bentonite, the total amount used in grease is 0.2%~4%. You can test the actual amount demand in your entire formula through experiments. Our information is for your reference only.

Of course, there is no doubt that the improvement of thixotropy, rheological properties and anti settling properties brought by organophilic clay bentonite to grease formula, These are positive and meaningful for grease formulation.

Organoclay for Grease

 For more details about the application of organic bentonite to lubricating grease, if you are still confused, you can contact our sales or technical department directly, and we will share our experience with our end users in a timely manner, which will greatly save you the process and time to explore this matter.

To sum up, our organic bentonite is applied to lubricating grease. Its role is to improve the thixotropy, rheological property, anti settling property of the entire formula and its suspension property.

Organoclay for Grease Lubricant