Organoclay Thickeners for Lubricating Grease Manufacture

Organoclay Thickeners :Camp Shinning produce organoclay bentonite, which can be used as the thickener of lubricant to provide the required rheological properties for the lubrication system. The grease gellant produced by the Camp Shinning is based on high-purity bentonite. Through cation exchange reaction, it is also modified with quaternary ammonium salts and produces efficient performance. When it is mixed with concentrated mineral oil ,synthetic oil or diesel oil is blended, it can show the relative hardness and strength of lubricating grease.

Lubricating Grease Grades Organoclay Thickeners

CP series organo clay Thickener belongs to modified bentonite clay, which is a kind of pre gel type organo bentonite clay.

When you use the formula of pre gel to make lubricant, the organophilic clay bentonite can be better dispersed and give full play to its own performance, such as thixotropy and rheology.

This type of organic clay usually needs polar activator. The concentration of activator will affect the concentration and shear stability of grease, The best recommended concentration varies depending on the base oil. It also varies according to the proportion of the overall formula.

Organoclay Thickeners

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

Organoclay Thickeners
Organoclay Thickeners
Anti settling agent

Organoclay Thickeners

CP-EDS is a self activated type. As an organo clays bentonite that is particularly easy to disperse, it can completely disperse organic clay without adding activator or carrying out high shear force.

It does not need any other foreign substances to promote its dispersion, because it is a self activated type of organophilic clay bentonite rheology modifier that is very easy to disperse.

CP series organoclay rheology modifier is a series of rheological additives based on clay, which are suitable for lubricating grease or paint coating or ink of solvent based system .

They have better It is thickening, thixotropic and anti settling, and can effectively prevent the sedimentation of suspended particles. It can also improve the stability of sag control and storage.


1), Effectively enhance thixotropy.
2),It has good high temperature resistance.
3),It is a white powder rheological additive.
4),Good anti settlement performance and anti sagging performance.
5), Improve rheological properties.

6),Good anti settling property of pigment, so as to make pigment disperse and distribute evenly.
7), Provide good leveling and coating thickness characteristics for the formulation.8), Organoclays could provide thixotropy: ie thickening, anti-settling and anti-sagging properties within solvent based systems.


Organoclay Thickeners : In order to provide our customers with the ultimate ideal performance applicable to their lubricating sub coatings or inks, we have preserved each batch of products for the convenience of follow-up quality tracking.

At the same time, our laboratory has also made detailed tests on moisture, particle size, weight loss on ignition, and viscosity and dispersion in different polar solvents.

We will provide you with a complete quality inspection sheet, Of course, if you use different electroplating equipment, the final measurement results will be different.

If you have special requirements in this regard, you can agree with us on the test steps before the experiment, and we will provide you with detailed and complete test results that meet your needs.

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Organoclay Thickeners

Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of customers for organoclay thickeners bentonite. In terms of performance, we have selected a lot of tests for each application field, whether in the specific lubricating grease of different base oil systems, or in wood, paint, industrial paint, road markings, etc., in addition to the organoclay bentonite clay provided to you or organic clay powder, We also provide technical assistance and comparative testing services with competitors’ products to avoid customers looking for organoclay bentonite rheology modifier takes too much time.

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