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Rheology additives : Camp Shinning’s new CP series organic bentonite clay specialty additives are widely used as a rheological additive in paint of water based and solvent based systems, as a coating or lubricating grease rheology additive, and as a rheology control additives and suspension agent in drilling fluids.

This widely used organoclay can meet the chemical characteristics requirements of most applications, And help the formula designer to select the appropriate model to achieve the pursuit of rheological properties, thixotropic properties and anti settling properties.

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Rheology additives | Rheology and Specialty additives

Rheology additives
Rheology additives

Rheology additives | Your good Rheology modifiers

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

Rheology additives | Rheology modifiers for waterborne paints

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