rheology control additives

Rheology control additives are divided into organo bentonite clay anti settling agent and water based organoclay for water based coatings in Camp Shinning. Organic clay bentonite anti settlement agent is specially designed for oil based low polarity to intermediate and high polarity.It is a solvent-based rheology modifier.

rheology control additives

rheology control additives | Rheological Additive

Organoclay CP-34

Organophilic Clay CP-10

CP-APA Rheology Modifier

 Rheological additive is an important raw material for petroleum, natural gas, cosmetics, ink, grease, paint and coating industries, especially in the drilling industry.

As a Rheology control additives , it can greatly improve the efficiency of drilling operations. At the same time, it has good stability and anti settling performance in the cosmetics industry.

specifically, the rheological additive plays an important role in the production of nail polish in cosmetics.

As an Rheology control additives , it is used in adhesive printing inks, cosmetics, coatings and paints as we mentioned just now. Its main purpose is to change the rheological properties of the whole formula.

In a broad sense, this is a thickener to be used as a rheological additive. Its purpose is to increase the viscosity of the material and make it have good sagging resistance. It can effectively stabilize some of the sagging resistance of paint, coating and cosmetics.

Therefore, the main purpose of applying rheological additives to these related fields is to change the rheological properties.

In addition to improving its most direct rheological properties, external denaturation also makes the material in the formula become thinner and easier to flow when you mix it.

Of course, if you stop mixing, it will become thicker again. Therefore, based on this feature, in oil and gas drilling, you will need to use rheological additives to easily flow through the drill bit, and then again to protect the entire wellbore.

 For the settlement of particles in the house formula, when we use rheological additives to become an anti settling agent, it will not disappoint you. In this regard, many of our users have confirmed that it is a successful anti settling agent.

So in order to make you obtain drilling mud with stronger thixotropic properties, or to make you produce coating grease with better rheological properties.

We strongly recommend the rheological additives produced by Kangmin to you, which can effectively control the rheological properties and help you greatly improve the good chemical reaction of the whole product.

 Rheological modifier is also called thickener or viscosity modifier and thixotropic additives . Of course, its function is far more than its thickening effect. It also has good anti settlement and thixotropic properties.

Rheological control additives have a wide range of applications.Of course, suspension performance, thixotropic performance and its stability under high temperature and high pressure are its biggest characteristics. Rheological modifiers help to achieve the rheological properties required in the entire chemical formula, help to control various properties, and are particularly easy to operate.

They are reflected in the aspects of leveling, and sagging, and have better performance than similar products.

When you use our organoclay, the additive is used for thickening effect. When it is used as rheology control additives in paint coating, it can make your dosage lower, the gloss of the finished coating higher, and reflect better  Thixotropy performance.

 When rheology modifier is used in oilfield drilling fluid, it can be used to control the rheology of mineral oil,  Diesel oil and synthetic oil ,oil based drilling fluid. Generally, the rheology of oil based drilling fluid is dissolved in oil based drilling fluid, and its properties will show better thixotropic properties.

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