bentonite used in drilling

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Bentonite used in drilling : Camp Shinning provides you organoclay bentonite used in drilling. It is an improved organic clay bentonite. It has basic advantages in your formula. There are corresponding  models for the synthesis of mineral oil and diesel. At present, we mainly export CP-982, CP-992,CP-2 and so on in the market.

bentonite used in drilling

bentonite used in drilling | Organophilic Clay

Organophilic Clay

CP-150 is used for mineral oil in oil drilling mud.

CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-982 is used for Synthetic oil in drilling fluid.

CP-992 Organobentonite

CP-150 is used for diesel oil in drilling fluid.

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As a leading well-known Organophilic Clay supplier, Camp Shinning also provides one-stop solutions for the research and development of organoclay bentonite in China. This is due to the fact that Camp Shinning has a strong R & D team and the experience of cooperating with the top 5 well-known enterprises in the world over the years. They have greatly helped Camp Shinning improve rheology modifier quality and R & D ability.

With its own raw bentonite ore | Organophilic bentonite clay , Camp Shinning has made obvious advantages in fast delivery, and greatly increased the stability of bentonite quality at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to find a real Organophilic Clay supplier and manufacturer in China, please contact us now.

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The test procedure of Bentonite used in drilling.

Bentonite uses in oil industry

 The staff of many oilfield service companies, or the staff of drilling operations, often ask a common topic about the test steps and methods of organic clay bentonite in oilfield drilling.

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of organo clay bentonite used in drilling in China, Camp Shinning has the responsibility and obligation to provide you with more standardized test steps.

When you test our organoclay bentonite, This will let you see the test more intuitively. Whether the results meet the requirements of your formula can also greatly save your time and energy in testing.

 Indeed, as a professional organophilic clay bentonite used in drilling provider, it is necessary to provide you with the most standardized Bentonite used in drilling test method when providing you with a one stop organo bentonite solution.

It can also improve the communication time cost between users and producers.

 Today, we will explain to you in detail the following three aspects about the use of organic clay bentonite in oilfield drilling | bentonite uses in oil industry.

1),  The typical characteristic of organioclay bentonite is its property description.

2), The steps of using organoclay bentonite used in drilling.

3), Detailed explained about the performance test of organophilic clay bentonite used in drilling mud.

  First of all, let’s make it clear that the models used by Camp Shinning for oilfield drilling are roughly divided into 4 models.

1), CP-2 and CP-1 : They are used to diesel oil.

2), CP-992 is used to mineral oil.

3), CP-150 is used to Synthetic oil.

Typical characteristics of organoclay bentonite.

 The appearance of organoclay bentonite is a white powder, which is a non-hazardous material in transportation.

Generally, its moisture content is between 2.0% and 2.5%, that is to say, it is normal if the moisture content is within 5%.

During the oil field drilling test of organo bentonite, its YP value is generally between 1.6 and 1.8. The Sieve Analysis, (% through 100 mesh) 75 min.

Test procedure:

Before we explain in detail the test of organophilic clay bentonite used in drilling mud, we need to provide you with a list of your family’s formulas for your reference. The list of its main mud formulas is as follows.

  Mud formula:

Diesel oil 213.0 gm   (250 cc)

Organo Clay        10.0 gm

CaO (Ca(OH)2)        2.0 gm

Primary Emulsifier      2.0 gm

Secondary emulsifier   2.0 gm

Brine formula:

Calcium Chloride 29.3 gm

Water  82.0 cc

Preparation of Base Mud 

The following are the steps of mud preparation, which are explained in detail below.

 First of all, the first step is very critical. We need to mix the Primary emulsifier and secondary emulsifier .

In the first step of mixing, we need to mix diesel and lime at the same time. The mixing time is also the mixing time, which will last about 20 minutes.

 During your mixing process, we recommend that you use the maximum speed to mix it.

In this 20-minute period, you can reach an agreement with our engineers about the mixing equipment you use before the test.

Our engineers will also give the name of the mixing equipment you suggest, so that we can better unify the rotational speed when we rotate, so as to achieve the common test result goal.

Step 2 : Dissolve 29.3 g of calcium chloride into the separately prepared calcium chloride brine in 82%.

We need to remind you here that when the hot water is still hot, add salt water into the oil, mix salt water into the oil slurry, subtract it, and shear it at the maximum speed for at least one hour. This is our advice.

 Next, we will explain some suggestions about the performance test of organoclay bentonite used in oilfield drilling.

Step 1.  First, take about 315g of base mud and put it into the mixing cup, then add about 10g of organophilic clay drilling bentonite, pour it into the cup for testing.

Then ,take  it at high speed for 20 minutes, stop the mixing gas during the cutting process, and guide the waste to one side of the sample to ensure that all products are evenly mixed.

 Step 2. Determine the Fann Model 35 Meter readings at all six speeds of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Step 3. Record the following data in detail.YP value,ES value,PV,AV and R300 reading – R600 reading.   

The above is about some test methods and some performance characteristics of organoclay bentonite when it is used in oilfield drilling.

We have made some explanations,  If there are still some points you are confused about, we didn’t mention or explain that you can also email us or check other pages of our website, which will be of greater help to your market.

We welcome you to contact us at any time, and we will give you your reply in the fastest time to help your project progress smoothly.

We hope that all the above test steps and test performance of organo drilling bentonite will help you. We look forward to proposing trade cooperation with you in this year. We will be your best partner.

Today we mainly answer you about what is bentonite used for in drilling?

Bentonite used in drilling | bentonite clay for drilling is a kind of natural organic chemical. It has been modified by bentonite | bentonite clay drilling mud. The most common use is to be used as an additive for mud in drilling operations.

Its performance is very unique in the drilling, and it is an ideal additive for most oilfield companies to use as suspension additive during operations.

Use of  bentonite clay for drilling | bentonite clay drilling mud.
When bentonite is used as an additive for drilling fluid mud in drilling operations, the drilling mud has good suspension performance, which is brought by bentonite.

At the same time, it can lubricate and cool the drill bit.And take the drilling cuttings out of the wall. It can stabilize the drilling.

It can play the role of lubrication and is used for drilling operations.bentonite uses in oil industry.

Lubrication.Use organic bentonite to reduce the friction between the drill bit and the drill hole as a lubricant, which will help to extend the service life of the drill bit.

Cooling.: The purpose of cooling the drill bit is to prevent the drill bit from being too hot and damaging the drill hole, because the heat of the drill bit is very large during the drilling operation.

Stable.:In order to stabilize the well wall of the drilling , we used organophilic clay bentonite clay for well drilling. Make the whole drilling is in a stable state.

Suspension. It is relatively easy to remove drilling cuttings. When you use organic bentonite, it can make the flow of the whole drilling mud very smooth.
In a word, organic bentonite is a kind of material with a wide range of uses.bentonite clay for well drilling.

When you use organic bentonite in drilling operations, it highly lubricates and cools your drill bit, and it is stable and stable.

How to grip the stability, its unique performance is an ideal drilling fluid additive in drilling operations, and it is widely used in oil and gas industry and other types of drilling operations, It is a oil drilling additives –  bentonite clay drilling fluid.

Oilfield chemicals

Organophilic Clay Grease Grade

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CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

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bentonite used in drilling
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