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Camp Shinning is a drilling fluids chemicals suppliers & Manufacturer. The main product is Organophilic clay . It is a good drilling chemical.

Whether it’s your paint formula, coating, grease, cosmetics, or oil field drilling, it will be your best choice when you choose Camp Shinning organoclay.

At present, a large number of users apply Camp Shinning’s Organophilic clay to oil field drilling, in which the oil based includes diesel, mineral oil and synthetic oil etc.

drilling fluids chemicals suppliers | Organophilic Clay

Organophilic Clay

CP-150 is used for mineral oil in oil drilling mud.

CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-982 is used for Synthetic oil in drilling fluid.

CP-992 Organobentonite

CP-150 is used for diesel oil in drilling fluid.
drilling fluids chemicals suppliers

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As a leading well-known drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, Camp Shinning also provides one-stop solutions for the research and development of organoclay bentonite in China. This is due to the fact that Camp Shinning has a strong R & D team and the experience of cooperating with the top 5 well-known enterprises in the world over the years. They have greatly helped Camp Shinning improve rheology modifier quality and R & D ability.

With its own raw bentonite ore | Organophilic bentonite clay , Camp Shinning has made obvious advantages in fast delivery, and greatly increased the stability of bentonite quality at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to find a real Organophilic Clay supplier and manufacturer in China, please contact us now.

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Drilling fluids chemicals suppliers : Camp Shinning

1. In the oil drilling industry, bentonite can be used as a mud thickener in organic drilling mud, as an emulsion stabilizer, so that the drilling mud has high rheology and portability, and can effectively lubricate the drilling and prevent corrosion.
Bentonite is an excellent viscosity lifting and cutting addition for deep wells, ultra-deep wells, and oil-based mud used in offshore drilling.

Its use allows for the creation of a superior oil-in-cement slurry and anti-high-temperature uncoupling agent, which can significantly increase drilling speed and decrease the likelihood of accidents.

Drilling fluids chemicals suppliers Camp Shinning, Bentonite is an excellent suspending agent for the production of alcohol-based coatings in the foundry industry, as well as an adhesive for casting materials.

The coating performance of bentonite, which is quick-drying, thick but not sticky, and slippery but not dripping, can increase the surface finish of the casting by more than two levels, resulting in a significant improvement in quality.

Bentonite is also an excellent binder for metallurgical industry pellet ore, allowing full utilization of weak ore and ore powder while saving 10 to 15% of coke and fusion and increasing blast furnace output capacity by 40 to 50%.

3. bentonite for cosmetics; bentonite for the production of washing with softeners, can replace the harmful sodium tripolyphosphate on water quality, no environmental pollution, is the ideal washing powder detergent; shampoo in the shampoo with the addition of modified and purified high-quality bentonite, not only changed the thixotropy and viscosity of the shampoo, and make its washing effect is very good, with shampoo, hair care is completed

Keep calcium from accumulating on your hair.

Bentonite can be used in agriculture and animal husbandry as a soil conditioner.

Bentonite has the ability to decrease the amount of fertilizer carried away by water, improve the soil’s fertilizer and water storage capacity, and increase crop yields.

When bentonite is sprayed alongside fertilizer, it can extend the effect of the fertilizer while also conserving fertilizer and irrigation water.

Bentonite is used in food processing as a decolorizing agent and a purification agent for edible oil.

Bentonite can be used to purify and decolorize animal and plant food oils.

Oilfield chemicals

Organophilic Clay Grease Grade

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

Organophilic Clay Paint Grade

Organoclay CP-34

Organophilic Clay CP-10

CP-APA Rheology Modifier

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drilling fluids chemicals suppliers

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