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Camp Shinning supply water based paint additives,such as water based organoclay rheological additive. The water borne organoclay paint grades include CP-EW,CP-WBS and CP-EWS.

They are mainly used in water-based coatings, lubricants and inks. 

water based paint additives | Organoclay

Organoclay CP-34

Organophilic Clay CP-10

CP-APA Rheology Modifier

Organophilic Clay For Your Drilling Mud

Organophilic Clay

CP-150 is used for mineral oil in oil drilling mud.

CP-982 Organophilic bentonite

CP-982 is used for Synthetic oil in drilling fluid.

CP-992 Organobentonite

CP-150 is used for diesel oil in drilling fluid.
water based paint additives

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As a leading well-known Organophilic Clay supplier, Camp Shinning also provides one-stop solutions for the research and development of organoclay bentonite in China. This is due to the fact that Camp Shinning has a strong R & D team and the experience of cooperating with the top 5 well-known enterprises in the world over the years. They have greatly helped Camp Shinning improve rheology modifier quality and R & D ability.

With its own raw bentonite ore | Organophilic bentonite clay , Camp Shinning has made obvious advantages in fast delivery, and greatly increased the stability of bentonite quality at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to find a real Organophilic Clay supplier and manufacturer in China, please contact us now.

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Water based paint additives :Bentonite as a soil conditioner and high water absorption resin additives are used in the ecological restoration of desertification zones.

water based paint additives :Bentonite not only has good water and fertilizer retention properties, but it may also significantly improve plant growth and productivity.

Indeed, bentonite’s unique structural properties enable it to be used as wind and sand fixing materials, major engineering slope protection materials, composite moisture and fertilizer materials, composite seed coating materials, and ecological packages, among other things, in the field of desertification control and ecological restoration.

Highly absorbent resin materials are functional polymer materials with many hydrophilic groups that are moderately cross-linked or partially crystallized in a three-dimensional cross-linked network structure and can absorb water with a mass several hundred to several thousand times their own mass and have properties such as high water absorption, high water supply, and high efficiency, among others.
They can improve the soil’s water retention, thermal insulation, and grain structure when combined with soil, improving crop yield while decreasing irrigation water usage.
Bentonite can improve the gel strength, water retention capacity, salt resistance, and thermal stability of highly absorbent resin.
In contrast, it has the potential to reduce the cost of highly absorbent fabrics.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve a high level of bentonite content in the composite of bentonite and highly absorbent resin, and the mass fraction is typically less than 15%, which means that even after modification and improvement, the price of such highly absorbent composites is high, making large-scale use for desertification control and ecological restoration impossible.

Oilfield chemicals

Organophilic Clay Grease Grade

CP-180 Bentonite grease

CP-EDS organoclay for grease

CP-EZ10Bentonite for lubricant

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water based paint additives

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