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Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers : Camp Shinning is a professional organophilic clay bentonite manufacturer and supplier, It is specialized in producing and providing high-end organoclay bentonite, which is used for drilling fluid system and specially configured for horizontal directional drilling applications.

It is a 50 pound packed Organobentonite. This organic bentonite clay has outstanding rheological and thixotropic properties, and also has good performance in high temperature stability. It can effectively protect the wellbore and produce good suspension performance.

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers

Organoclay Rheological Additive

Bentonite Drilling Mud

Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers:Camp Shinning produces organic bentonite clay drilling mud with over 20 years of production experience, and the entire process strictly follows ISO standards for production and operation. Its CP series organic clay bentonite is mainly used in major industrial fields such as oilfield drilling, coatings, paints, and frac fluids, among which cosmetics and adhesive are also widely used in organoclay bentonite thickener. Please contact the supplier and manufacturer of organophilic clay bentonite, Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers Camp New Materials is a professional provider provides you with a complete solution for bentonite thickener.

Solvent Paint Grade

Organoclay CP-34

Organo clay CP-34 is used for solvent based paints.

Solvent Paint Grade

Organoclay CP-10

Organobentonite CP-10 is used in non-polar to medium polarity aliphatic.

Solvent Paint Grade

CP-EZ10 is a good visicosifier gelling agent in solvent based system.

Solvent Paint Grade

Rheology additive is a good thixotropic and anti-settling agents.

Water Paint Grade

Rheology modifiers CP-EW is a good anti sagging agent and anti settling agent.

Water Paint Grade

Organiclay CP-EWS is for water borne system coatings and ink.

Water Paint Grade

CP-WBS is currently the cheapest water-based bentonite in our company.

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Organophilic Clay Supplier / Manufacturer : Camp Shinning

Oil Drilling Grade

Organoclay CP-2

Organoclays CP-2 is a visicosifier for oil field drilling with a very prominent price advantage.

Oil Drilling Grade

Organophilic bentonite CP-982 is used for diesel oil based drilling mud.

Oil Drilling Grade

Organophilic clay CP-992 is used for mineral oil based drilling mud.

Oil Drilling Grade

Organophilic bentonite clay CP-150 is used for  synthetic oil based drilling mud.

Grease Grade

Organoclay CP-180

CP-180 is an organo bentonite(modified montmorillonite) 

Grease Grade

Organoclays CP-MPZ

Organic clay CP-MPZ is for solvent & resin System grease.

Grease Grade

Organo clay APA

CP-APA is a rheological additive.It’s used in systems from Moderate to highly polar solvents.

bentonite clay drilling mud Packing

Packing: 25Kg/Bag or 22.68Kg(50lb) /Bag. 16MT/20FCL with pallet.25MT/40FCL without pallet.

Organoclay Manufacturers

Organoclay bentonite mud for Solvent | Looking for a way to increase the sag resistance of your solvent-based coatings?

Camp Shinning has created a rheology modifier that does exactly that! Our modifier prevents pigment sedimentation and provides shear-thinning behavior to your coatings, allowing them to resist s

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Bentonite Drilling Mud Suppliers