Oil gelling agent organoclay

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Oil gelling agent organoclay

Oil gelling agent organoclay,This is a Self Activating gelling agent bentonite that is very easily dispersed and achieves many performance requirements and improvements during rapid and high shear processes.

As a modified bentonite, it can help you meet the demand for rheological additives.

Our advanced production equipment and first-class research and development capabilities will help you complete your project.

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Oil gelling agent organoclay

Oil gelling agent organoclay , No matter what you need is solvent based or water-based, we have corresponding specifications recommended to you. They can be widely used in oil field drilling of paints, coatings, lubricants and inks.

It is different from the water based organoclay bentonite. It is mainly divided into two kinds of organo bentonite Oil gelling agent , i.e. dispersion type and pre gel type, which mainly help our formula to achieve thickening effect and thixotropy effect. If you just need the Oil gelling a

Drilling Grade Organophilic Clay

CP-150 Organophilic Clay

CP-150 Organophilic Clay is a self-activating organoclay that disperses easily and performs well in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, modified vegetable oil, and synthetic base fluid formulations. 

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Oil gelling agent organoclay
Paint Grade Organoclay

CP-10 Organoclay

CP-10 organoclay is a rheological additive  made of organoclay. It is used in non-polar to moderately polar aliphatic and other solvent systems

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Paint Grade Organoclay

CP-MPZ organoclay

CP-MPZ organoclays is an modified bentonite that is used in solvent and resin systems ranging from non-polar to highly polar.

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Paint Grade Organoclay

CP-MPS Organoclay

The CP-MPS rheology modifier is a type of organo clay rheological additive that is used in solvent and resin systems ranging from non-polar to high polarity.

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Organoclay Manufacturers

Organoclay Supplier / Manufacturer :

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Organophilic Clay Supplier / Manufacturer :

Organoclay For Water Based Coatings

Water Based Organoclay

CP-EWS Organoclay

CP-EWS Modified bentonite It is employed in a water-borne coatings system. CP-EWS organoclay outperforms CP-EW in terms of thixotropy, transparence, and dispersion.

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Oil gelling agent organoclay

Organoclay Supplier / Manufacturer :

Internet address: https://www.rheologymodifiers.com/    

Email address: [email protected]

Whatsapp / Wechat: +86-13185071071

Organophilic Clay Supplier / Manufacturer :

Grease Grade Organoclay

Grease Grade Organoclay

CP-180 Organoclay

CP-180 organoclay is an organo clay rheological additive (modified montmorillonite) designed specifically for use in solvent-based systems

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Grease Grade Organoclay

CP-34 Organoclay

CP-34 organoclay is a  modified bentonite that has been specifically designed for use in solvent-based systems.

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Grease Grade Organoclay


CP-EDS modified bentonite is a kind of organo clay rheological additive. It is used in systems of medium polarity and high polarity system.

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Bentonite is a water-bearing clay rock with montmorillonite as the main component, with excellent swelling, adsorption, cation exchange, catalytic, bonding, suspension and plasticity and other special properties, known as the “universal clay”, the application field is very wide.

1、Drilling mud Bentonite in aqueous solution has excellent suspension and thixotropy, that is, when there is an additional stirring, suspension performance for the liquidity of a very good solution, stop stirring will arrange itself into a body mesh structure of the gel, without settling and water precipitation, especially suitable for the preparation of drilling mud. It is understood that, on average, each well, about 8 tons of bentonite. 2、Binder for metallurgical pellets Bentonite has good water absorption, dispersion, lubrication, thickening and other properties, through the role of water to achieve the bonding of iron powder, is the main metallurgical pellets with binder. 3, sand binder Sodium bentonite plasticity, good reusability, high wet compression strength, strong molding, high cavity strength, can prevent sand trapping in castings, scarring, falling blocks, sand collapse, etc., to facilitate the metal industry casting wet or dry mold, is the preferred sand binder for precision castings. 4、Feed additive Bentonite contains more than 10 kinds of mineral elements, most of which are necessary for the growth and development of livestock macronutrients and trace elements. Adding bentonite in the feed can make animals energetic, clean feathers, high survival rate, strong resistance to disease. 5, cat litter Cat litter has been the largest application market for bentonite in Europe, accounting for 29% of its total consumption. In the encounter of cat feces and urine, bentonite cat litter can quickly form a ball, as cat litter with bentonite requires strong ability to absorb liquid and odor, uniform particle size, moisture does not disintegrate. 

6, pharmaceutical suspension aid

Suspension has a better bioavailability, made into a suspension to give easier, especially for children and swallowing difficulties of the elderly, to bring convenience to take drugs, bentonite is a suspension of excellent performance of the suspension aid.

7、Antidiarrheal drugs

The main component of bentonite montmorillonite has a lamellar structure and non-uniform electrical distribution, which has a strong selective adsorption effect on some viruses, germs and toxins in the digestive tract.


Bentonite desiccant has the efficacy of adsorption activity, static moisture reduction and odor removal, etc. It is widely used in products that cannot be sealed with oil and gas phase, such as optical instruments, electronic products, medical health care, food packaging dry air sealing.

9、Animal and vegetable oil decolorizer

Bentonite clay as raw material by inorganic acid activation to produce active self clay, adsorption and decolorization performance, with decolorization, deodorization, detoxification, reduce the efficacy of oil oxidation, can be widely used in the decolorization and refining of animal and vegetable fats, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, etc.

10, wine clarifying agent

The use of sodium-based bentonite clarification of various wines, the clarification effect is better than with the lower gum method, heating filter method and aluminum sulfate method, and maintain the original composition of various wines, more effective in maintaining the long-term stability of various wines.

15、Catalyst carrier

Due to the special structure of layer column clay, bentonite can accommodate converted metal ions in the catalytic process with redox, and can change its oxidation state and serve as a catalyst carrier. Therefore, it can be used to prepare iron cross-linked bentonite, intercalated bentonite loaded with iron-doped TiO2 photocatalyst, TiO2/bentonite and other wastewater catalytic materials.

17、Paper retention aid and filter aid

Bentonite sheet layer has negative electric surface and positive electric edge, easy to adsorb colloidal substances. When the bentonite is hydrolyzed in water, the cations form negatively charged particles in the form of sodium ions. This negatively charged particle, which is not affected by pH, shows equally good performance in acid and alkaline. Therefore, this property of bentonite is widely used as retention aid and filter aid and white water recovery treatment in paper making process.

18, waste paper deinking

In the waste paper recycling system, bentonite (alone or in combination with talc) can be used by the ink and adhesive adsorption and tethering to the fiber, so that the ink and adhesive deposition to the paper machine components tend to be reduced to a minimum.

19、Rheology control agent for paper coating

When the montmorillonite is dispersed in the aqueous phase, the surface hydration and interlayer double electric layer repulsion will cause the bentonite layer spacing and volume expansion, this effect can make the bentonite in the aqueous phase system to thicken the effect, and thus in the paper coating can be used bentonite as a rheology control agent.

20、Paper filler

Bentonite is applied to the production of low-quantity paper, to obtain a high amount of filler but does not reduce the strength of the paper, especially the degree of tearing. Modified bentonite can also be used as a filler for low whiteness paper and paperboard.

23、Paper wastewater treatment

Bentonite in the pulp and paper industry in the application of wastewater treatment is the advantage of adsorption performance and decolorization ability, through the adsorption of pollutants in the wastewater to achieve the purpose of reducing COD and decolorization.

24、Inorganic thickening agent for coating

Bentonite has strong water absorption, able to adsorb about 5 times its own mass of water, adsorption volume increases, can expand to several times the original volume to more than ten times, and the formation of gel-like material wrapped around the paint filler particles to prevent particles from settling. Bentonite as an inorganic thickener in the production of coatings has a certain degree of application, its characteristics are the thickening effect and suspension of significant, can make the paint thixotropic, easy to store and construction.

25、Suspension anti-settling agent for coating

Bentonite has good suspension and dispersion in aqueous medium, and can release charged particles and play the function of dispersant, which can improve the suspension of water-based coatings. Adding appropriate amount of bentonite in architectural coatings can make the generated coatings not easy to settle, not easy to stratify, uniform color, thus improving the suspension stability of coatings.

26、Auxiliary binder for coating

As bentonite has good adhesion and covering power, it can replace part of the base material and other fillers in architectural coatings, thus reducing the cost of the product.

27、Rheology additives for coatings

Organic bentonite has amazing adsorption and expansion ability and thixotropic effect in the solvent, which is used as rheological additives in various stages of coating production, construction, storage and film formation, giving the coating structural viscosity at low shear rate.

28、Waterproof coating

Bentonite can be used as a raw material for waterproof coatings, bentonite emulsified asphalt waterproof coating is a mixture of bentonite and asphalt waterproof coatings, mainly for roofing waterproofing, can improve the efficiency of 50%, reduce the cost of 40%, and greatly improve the labor conditions of workers, improve the waterproofing effect.

29、Waterproof material

Bentonite has the characteristics of water expansion, general calcium bentonite expansion, its expansion is only about 3 times its own volume, and sodium bentonite adsorbed 5 times its weight in water, the volume of expansion to the original 15 to 17 times more, the use of bentonite this characteristic, can be used to produce waterproof blankets, waterproof panels and other waterproof materials.


Bentonite grease is activated bentonite as thickening agent, thickening mineral lubricating oil and grease, with high and low temperature performance, chemical stability, thermal stability, good shear resistance and other characteristics, mostly used for automotive chassis, universal joint, driving rudder, wheel hubs and water pump bearings and other lubrication.

36、Cleaning mask

Cosmetics industry in the skin care mask, but also often appear bentonite figure. Bentonite is not only for the filler to reduce costs, but also has a good effect on skin care. For example, the use of bentonite has a certain adsorption of oil and cleaning effect, in our common blackhead mask products can add a certain amount of bentonite.

37, toothpaste additives

Bentonite inorganic gel with thickening, thixotropic, anti-electrolyte salts, good acid resistance, acid, alkali, stable performance, etc., added to toothpaste, can reduce the amount of organic binder CMC, and improve the paste viscosity, consistency, thixotropy and other problems.

38、Shampoo additive

Adding modified and purified high quality bentonite in shampoo, not only changes the thixotropy and viscosity of shampoo, but also makes the washing effect significantly enhanced, with washing and care in one effect. In the shampooing process, wash the moving shampoo viscosity than the non-moving viscosity is low, not easy to flow, has a certain protective effect on the eyes, can prevent eye. In addition, bentonite also has the ability to neutralize calcium salts, to avoid the formation of calcium deposits adhering to the hair, while the detoxification effect on chronic dermatitis and pruritus has a certain effect, there is also a reduction in dandruff, to enhance the combing effect.

39、Purifying detergent

Natural bentonite by refined processing, organic modification made of net detergent, cotton, linen, wool and other fabrics after pretreatment have a good washing effect, after washing the fabric soft, smooth, comfortable to wear, its comprehensive production cost is equivalent to only 5%-10% of cationic surfactants, with obvious social and economic benefits.

43, polymer composites

Organic bentonite can also be used in the field of composite materials, especially for polymers and their modification. Nanoscale organic bentonite can be applied to plastics (nylon, epoxy resin, polyolefin, etc.), rubber products nano-modification, can effectively improve their heat resistance, strength, wear resistance, etc.

44, bentonite / rubber nanocomposites

The bentonite dissociated into nanocrystalline layers in water, and nano-rubber latex in water nano-mixing, the use of rapid coalescence and dehydration technology to fix the nano-mixing structure, the preparation of bentonite / rubber nanocomposites.

45、Composite flame retardant materials

Bentonite itself is an inert material, it will be combined with magnesium hydroxide, research and preparation of good flame retardant properties, non-toxic, inexpensive bentonite composite filler, has an important application value.

49、Organic wastewater treatment materials

Aromatic compounds are highly toxic, is difficult to degrade organic substances, the treatment of such wastewater more organic modified bentonite, and with the growth of the carbon chain of the modifier, modified bentonite adsorption capacity increased significantly. Modified bentonite can be used not only as the removal of pollutants in organic wastewater, but also as a catalyst to accelerate the removal of pollution processes in wastewater.

60、Yarn slurry

After purification, reformulation, modification of bentonite, with amazing dispersion, stability and good bonding effect. And with starch, natural fibers, “similar compatible”, there is a good bonding power, in the textile industry can be used as one of the components of the slurry.

61, fabric printing paste

Bentonite has a high dispersion in water, swelling, colloidal stability, by the reformulation, modification, thickening treatment to form a sol (mineral paste). Also has the general characteristics of printing paste (thickening, rheology), suitable for fabric printing paste, so it can be used as part of the substitute for organic pastes such as sodium alginate.

62、Dyeing auxiliaries

Organic bentonite is mainly used as dyeing auxiliaries for synthetic fiber fabrics, due to the lack of hydrophilicity of synthetic fibers themselves, their wettability is worse, which causes synthetic fiber dyeing sometimes uneven dyeing. The use of organic bentonite and dyestuff and water double hydrophilic, in the dyeing process will improve the uniformity of dyeing and dyeing rate. By adding cetyltrimethylammonium bromide bentonite dye solution of acrylic wool dyeing, the results of the dyed wool color, puffy, high uniformity.

63, fabric softener

Bentonite used in liquid, solid washing products, mainly plays the role of fabric softeners and thickeners, can absorb dissolved impurities such as ions, while preventing the accumulation of crusts and scum on the surface of the fabric, with softening fabric, enhancing the effect of washing, while reducing production costs.

64, ceramic raw materials plasticizer

Bentonite used as ceramic raw materials plasticizer, can improve the embryo or glaze plasticity and compressive strength, so that lubrication greatly increased, in addition to suspension and stability greatly enhanced, the finished product porcelain fine, soft tone, glaze machine smooth, good translucency.

65、Refractory materials

Montmorillonite-based clay, generally has a strong water absorption, can absorb quite 8 times its own water, after absorption volume expansion 10 ~ 30 times, which contains sodium called sodium-based bentonite, with good adhesion and high temperature resistance, good performance in the use of refractory materials production.

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